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Business Intelligence and Data Governance

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For real estate companies, business intelligence (BI) focuses on the people, processes, and technologies that impact corporate performance. BI translates existing business data into meaningful information that can be displayed via reports, dashboards, and other insightful representations. This webinar will provide the tools for analyzing and reporting data to help decision-makers better understand internal business processes and financial performance. Instructors will demonstrate how to use business intelligence to preview property locations and specifications, determine and bill common area maintenance (CAM) expenses, and conduct performance-based leasing&all without leaving their desks. Learn why BI and data-driven analytics are rapidly moving to the top of many CFOs and CIOs' agendas.

- Data governance - what are the data sources, and how can we aggregate from external sources

- Data translation, calculation and summarization - once the data is collected, it needs to be formatted for fast analytic reporting. Typically in the form of a "cube."

- Presentation of data - we divide presentation into two types: 1) for analysis, 2) for presentation only. The first is for problem solving, the second is for illustrating to an audience.