Golden Nuggets of Customer Service

This webinar on Customer Service will invite you to think a bit different on how you can amplify your level of service to your clients, tenants, customers and vendors in the real estate management world.

David K. Aaker was the Keynote Speaker at the IREM 2011 Leadership and Legislative Summit in Washington D.C. During the webinar, he discusses:

  • Employees communicating more effectively with those you work with, and those you work for.
  • Customers driving past your competition to get to your front door.
  • Building tenants, vendors, customers and clients for life.
  • Vivid examples to amplify your level of Customer Service.

David is a nationally known motivational speaker and trainer with a focus on Customer Service and Leadership. His keynote presentations have ignited national conferences and banquets in North America. David is a faculty member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and teaches Customer Service and Leadership programs at 5 Universities. He was recently named “Among America’s Best Speakers” by Sky Radio, and was featured on 42,000 flights worldwide in 2009. David is also a published author in “Success Simplified” a new anthology of 24 Nationally Known Speakers and bestselling authors.