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Maintenance Mobile

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Ask any experienced service professional and they will tell you that the rights tools are important to getting a job done right. We all know what's riding on how effectively, efficiently, quickly, and correctly those tasks are performed; time, money, and resident satisfaction are three key areas that these technology skill sets impact directly. To best meet today's customers’ expectations, the smartest service teams are making use of tools, specially designed software and apps on smart devices like iPad, smart phones, and many other devices that are coming onto the playing field daily. Whether you are a service technician supervisor, service trainer, or responsible for service in your company or community, this session is for you!

In this informative educational offering, attendees will receive information and supporting data on the latest and greatest devices, applications and uses of today's technology in the service department. The objectives of this session are to demonstrate the impact on productivity, efficiency, communication, decisiveness, teamwork and engagement of customer, supporting a better customer service experience with the use of tablets and smart phones. Participants will be able to identify their needs for technology with their service teams by showing an increase in the following:
- 45% increase in productivity

- 44% increase in efficiency

- Improve communication and collaboration among team members (66%)

- Rapidly deliver actionable information to the point of decision (48%)

- Use mobile software to increase customer intimacy (42%)

Participants will be able to view step-by-step screenshots of the technology used on-site so that they are more familiar with the technology and will be able to identify where to find the apps and how to take this knowledge back to their teams the next day. This technology will also allow participants to use their smart devices in the session and access the technology allowing the participants to follow along on their devices.

Webinar date: 2/20/13