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International News

IREM Welcomes Its Newest International Members

February 2017

Dietmar Tscholl, ARM, Italy
Kyoung Hun An, CPM, Korea
Yoichiro Arai, CPM, Korea
Woong Chul Chang, CPM, Korea
Kyung Hun Chun, CPM, Korea
Shuntaro hayashi, CPM, Korea
DongYeon Hwang, CPM, Korea
Mi Young Jang, CPM, Korea
Yeong Hyun Jang, CPM, Korea
Taishiro kajimoto, CPM, Japan
Masaki Kamo, CPM, Japan
Boo Gu Kang, CPM, Korea
Naoyuki Kozawa, CPM, Japan
Seung Yong Lee, CPM, Korea
Sang Kyu Noh, CPM, Korea
Sung Chul Park, CPM, Korea
Tomokazu Segoshi, CPM, Japan
Takahiro Sukekawa, CPM, Japan
Joo Han Sung, CPM, Korea
Hyun Tae, CPM, Korea
Seiichiro Taguchi, CPM, Japan
Hideto Tsurumi, CPM, Japan
Hiroshi Uehara, CPM, Japan
Naoki Yamashita, CPM, Japan

January 2017

Kellie Oxford, ARM, Canada
Dustin Raleigh, ARM, Canada
Mehran Saadat, ARM, Canada
Courtney Yates, ARM, Cayman Islands
Mohammad Hossain, ARM, Canada

IREM Grows in Korea as New CPMs Installed
(March 2017) An expanding property management sector in South Korea bodes well for IREM and its chapter in that country – as evidenced by the installation of 29 new CPM Members during the IREM Korea Chapter’s annual meeting in Seoul last week.

“It was exciting to hear the CPM pledge spoken aloud in Korean by our newest CPM designees,” said Donald Wilkerson, CPM, IREM’s secretary/treasurer, who was in Seoul for event. “It was even more exciting to hear that the demand for professional property management in Korea appears to be growing,” said Wilkerson. “We heard from several real estate practitioners that the Korean market is shifting from one that is primarily development-driven to one that is more management-driven, particularly in the residential sector.”

Also during the annual meeting, Ms. Seon-Hwa Youn, CPM, took office as the 2017-2019 president of the IREM Korea Chapter, taking over from outgoing president Mr. Seung Cheol Noh, CPM, who was instrumental in coordinating the IREM education program that resulted in the installation of the new CPMs.

IREM Presence at MIPIM Reinforces International Outreach
(March 2017) IREM leaders were in Cannes, France, last week to participate in MIPIM, recognized as the world’s leading property market and a unique opportunity to connect with IREM members and partner organizations from around the world.

“We are seeing a true globalization of the real estate market,” said Mike Lanning, CPM, IREM President, from Kansas City, MO, “and taking part in MIPIM reinforces that this is the case.” Lanning is also Senior Vice President and Kansas City Market Leader for the Cushman & Wakefield, AMO, itself a global player.

“While at MIPIM, we observed that some countries are very good at developing projects, but not so good at maintaining or increasing the value of the asset,” said Lanning. “That’s where IREM plays a key role – by providing training for property and asset managers not only in the United States, but increasingly beyond our borders.”

While at MIPIM, Lanning participated in a panel discussion on the impact of globalization on ethics. IREM is a founding member of the International Ethics Standards Coalition, which has developed an international ethics standard. “With heightened globalization, the benefits of having a single, universal set of ethics practices for real estate and related professions are clear,” said Lanning. “It will lead to consistency, transparency, and clarity across all sectors of the profession and in all markets.”

MIPIM drew more than 20,000 real estate executives from around the world. IREM was there as part of the USA pavilion, hosted by the National Association of Realtors®, of which IREM is an affiliate. Also attending as IREM representatives were Ben McGrew, CPM, IREM’s President-Elect from Sacramento, CA, and IREM Interim CEO Lynn Disbrow.

IREM participates in the China Property Association Conference and Tradeshow
(December 2016) Last week, IREM was invited to attend and present at the first ever China Property Management Industry Expo. With approximately 180 companies and 15,000 participants, it’s one of the largest events of its kind to be organized in China.

IREM representative, 2016 President, Chris Mellen, CPM, ARM, presented to an audience of over 1000 on current property management trends and future predictions. He also participated in a special session hosted by Guoqiang Pan, CPM, and the Shanghai Property Management Association, where he spoke on the U.S. residential market. Three CPM Members from IREM China Shanghai Chapter No. 118—Qi Liu, Xin Xu, and Hao Sun also spoke at the session and joined a panel discussion led by Chapter President Shu Zhou, CPM.

Elizabeth Dieng, IREM staff, Catherine Li, CPM, Jinbo He, CPM, and several other CPM Members and staff associates from the chapter attended the conference and volunteered their time at the IREM exhibition booth.

Zhou said, “Worldwide, the line between asset management and property management is beginning to blur. As asset managers, we are promoting this idea to the wider market. In China, the property management industry is mature but the asset management industry is not. There is room for growth.”

The conference took place in Guangzhou, China’s third largest city, situated on the Pearl River, just northwest of Hong Kong.

Chris Mellen

IREM President Speaks at Shanghai Forum, Installs New CPM Members
(November 2016)Speaking at the Asia-Pacific Real Estate Forum in Shanghai last week, IREM President Michael T. Lanning, CPM, of Kansas City, MO, discussed key trends that are having an impact on commercial real estate management in the United States, with one of them being globalization. “As the world’s second largest economy, China’s influence on the global economy is expanding at a rapid pace,” he said. “This is due in part to the surge in outward foreign investment, much of it flowing into the United States into both the commercial and residential real estate sectors.” He noted that it is estimated that Chinese direct investment in U.S. real estate this year is on track to surpass the $22.3 billion mark that was hit in 2015.

Other trends Lanning touched on during his presentation at the forum were institutionalization of commercial real estate, the need for better and more accessible data, sustainability, industry consolidation, competition, and the war for talent.

A highlight of the Shanghai conference was the installation of 15 new CPM Members. In speaking to these new CPM designees, Lanning reminded them that “As the real estate market gets bigger and more global, successful companies see value in being part of a global network.” He noted that one way to accomplish this is by being part of a multinational company, such as the company he is with: Cushman & Wakefield, AMO. Another way “is by being connected with other professionals through organizations such as IREM that reach out beyond their own national boundaries.”

China Installs New CPM Members

The Asia-Pacific Real Estate Forum, which drew more than 300 real estate investors and practitioners, was organized by the Shanghai-based Leiden Education Management Consulting Co., which has partnered with IREM to deliver the CPM education program in China.

Japan’s IREM Chapter Has Most CPM Members
(October 2016) Delegates from seven countries attended the 2016 IREM Fall Leadership Conference, including members from Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, South Africa and Spain. But, it was the Japanese delegation that had perhaps the most to celebrate.

The Japanese chapter had just held a record breaking swearing-in ceremony, making it the IREM chapter with the largest number of CPM Members. International Forum Chair Jeff Bettinson, CPM, stated, “Japan Chapter No. 110 has had a phenomenal year! ... Close to 80 CPM Members joined the chapter in 2016 alone.” Already Japan Chapter is predicting that next year they will have 90 new Members. An increase in the number of local instructors has been pivotal in spurring Japan chapter’s growth. Mr. Ute, Japan’s current chapter president, has his sights set on making Japan a region in the near future.

IREM Hosts Region 14 Leadership Conference in Ottawa, ON
(June 2016) In the beautiful Canadian capital of Ottawa, IREM hosted its annual Region 14 Leadership Conference (RLC). Entitled Convene. Share. Grow, the event brought together close to 50 professionals.
The conference kicked off with an Example of Excellence Panel, in which three Canadian chapter leaders spoke about innovative projects they implemented in 2015. Pierre Benoit, CPM, from Ottawa Chapter No. 115, presented on the chapter’s decision to start using a virtual administrator, based in Toronto. Jennifer O’ Neill of Calgary shared successes from the third-annual joint event the chapter hosted with the Alberta Condominium Institute and the Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta. Lastly, Edmonton Chapter No. 54’s Yolanta Murphy, CPM, spoke on local initiatives to improve member engagement, including a mentor program, and member recognition events.

Russell Salzman, CEO of IREM, presented a workshop on Conflict Management. Based on IREM’s Leadership White Paper, Mr. Salzman walked through the five strategies for managing conflict and offered recommendations for how attendees could utilize these at the chapter level and in their businesses. (Based on IREM’s Conflict Management White Paper)

Mary Aubrey, RVP for Region 14 followed up with tips on running more effective chapter meetings.

Concluding the RLC, Deborah Phillips, Ph.D., CPM, led attendees through an enthusiastic workshop on creating a culture for fostering intentional leadership, increasing employee engagement and delivering exceptional service in today’s high-speed workplace.

Following the RLC, conference attendees took part in the Annual General Meeting for the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC), IREM’s long-standing partner.

In addition to professionals from Canada, the event welcomed guests from IREM Japan Chapter No. 110 and Hawaii Chapter No. 34.

IREM Japan Chapter Grows by 70 CPMs
(June 2016) Highlighted by the installation of 70 new CPM designees, IREM Japan Chapter No. 110 celebrated its annual meeting last week in Tokyo. Representing IREM Headquarters was past IREM President Randy Woodbury, CPM, of Salt Lake City, UT, who said that the chapter in Japan, which now boasts 464 CPM members, is “a true IREM success story, driven by the commitment of strong leaders with an ambitious but realistic plan for growth.” A number of IREM members from California and Hawaii also attended the Japan Chapter event in Tokyo, among them IREM Regional Vice President Laurie Gral, CPM, of Burbank, CA.

Originally scheduled to take place in Kumamoto, the venue for the IREM Japan Chapter’s annual meeting was relocated after two catastrophic earthquakes hit that city in April. In acknowledging the impact and severity of both the Kumamoto earthquake and the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in northern Japan five years earlier, two seminars on how CPMs responded to these events were featured. In addition to providing supplies for the relief effort, a team of specially trained CPMs traveled to Kumamoto and conducted assessments of some 120 buildings there to determine their structural soundness.

The Japan Chapter is one of 15 IREM chapters outside the United States. Others are in Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, Poland, and Russia.

IREM offers First-Ever Blended Learning Webinar for Brazilian Market
(March 2016) IREM offered the first-of-its-kind blended learning webinar geared to members and practitioners in Brazil.

Offered in multiple cities in Brazil simultaneously, this blended learning experience addressed the Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership. It kicked off with a Leadership Self-Assessment activity. Facilitators in the different locations walked attendees through the activity, debriefed and then tuned-in to a live webinar broadcasted from IREM HQ in Chicago. Instructor, Ramon Venero, CPM®, led the webinar, which built on the in-person activity by digging deeper into the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Mr. Venero conducted the webinar in Portuguese. Participants were eager to interact with Mr. Venero, ask questions and participate in this distance-learning format, an educational method not as commonly used in Brazil.

“We appreciated this opportunity to participate in the webinar because as certified professionals, we are always looking to take advantage of opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience,” says Fernanda Lisboa, CPM, President of Sao Paulo Chapter No. 111.

This webinar kick-off IREM’s 2016 initiative to provide more direct member service to IREM’s Brazilian contingent and increase IREM’s visibility in the country over all. IREM has planned other professional development activities, which will take place throughout the year.

IREM has two chapters in Brazil- Sao Paulo Chapter No. 111, formed in 2003 and Rio de Janeiro Chapter No. 120, IREM’s newest chapter, approved during the Governing Council in October 2015.

IREM President Discusses Responsible Business at MIPIM
(March 2016) What does “responsible business” look like for the real estate property and asset management profession? This was the question IREM President Chris Mellen, CPM, ARM, answered during a panel discussion organized by RICS that took place at MIPIM in Cannes, France on March 15, 2016.

“IREM’s core values really capture what responsible business is all about for the property management industry,” said Mellen, who is with The Simon Companies in Braintree, MA. These core values encourage members to use their talent and resources in a way that translates into value for owners of real estate and, at the same time, improves the quality of life for people who live, work, and shop in those properties.

“Responsible business means paying attention to all stakeholders,” said Mellen. This is reflected in delivering exceptional service to clients, providing safe and comfortable places where people can live and work, supporting employees in achieving their full potential, and acting responsibly in dealings with vendors.

IREM is a member of the International Ethics Standards Coalition, which is embarked on an initiative to develop international standards of ethics for all sectors of the property profession. And not surprisingly the issue of ethics came up during the panel discussion. Commenting that IREM was founded on the basis of ethics, Mellen said that acting ethically means achieving success in the right way – “by always putting the client first.”

MIPIM, recognized as the world’s leading property market, drew more than 20,000 real estate executives from around the world. IREM was there as part of the USA pavilion, hosted by the National Association of Realtors®, of which IREM is an affiliate.