Audit and Investments Committee


  • Oversee the Institute’s internal accounting controls to assure that assets are safeguarded and transactions are authorized and properly recorded.
  • Review the results of the annual internal audit, and meet with the auditors to discuss audit results and to prepare for Executive Committee,approval, actions deemed necessary as a result of audit findings.
  • Oversee the Institute's managed investments including policies, asset allocation, and meet with investment advisor on investment activity as deemed necessary.


  • Secretary/Treasurer as chair
  • A representative from the IREM Foundation
  • An IREM past national president
  • Incoming Secretary/Treasurer
  • A Member with a strong financial background who is employed by a large real estate management firm
  • Up to two additional members, neither of whom is on the Executive Committee

Desired qualifications:

  • Broad business and financial experience
  • Knowledge of the Institute’s operations
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