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Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation - Part One (ASM603)


Utilize financial tools that will build value and increase income for your business holdings.

What you will learn:

  • Economics of real estate investment. Financial goals and objectives of the owner, macroeconomic influences on real estate investment 
  • Sources of financing. Public and private lenders, lender perceptions and requirements 
  • Loan calculation. Loan types, loan amortization, effective interest rate calculation 
  • Loan analysis. Loan-to-value, debt coverage, leverage applications
  • Property valuation and capitalization rates. Appraisal methods, capitalization rates, mortgage equity analysis, equity residual model

How you will benefit:

  • Produce higher revenue for your portfolio despite fluctuations in the financial and real estate markets
  • Negotiate optimal financing packages that will maximize your cash flow
  • Boost client satisfaction levels with accurate property valuations and risk assessments

HP10BII Financial Calculator Required: The HP10BII/HP10BII+ financial calculator or financial calculator app is required. Course materials illustrate keystrokes for this calculator only. Students taking this course are expected to have a working knowledge of the basic operations and functionality of the calculator. Students are encouraged to download the “HP10BII Financial Calculator Quick Reference Guide” and review it prior to taking this course.

Laptop Computer Strongly Recommended: In addition to the use of the calculator, course materials include a review on how to use the IREM Financial Analysis Excel Spreadsheet to facilitate hands-on learning in the classroom. Students who wish to maximize their course experience are advised to bring a laptop to class. With your registration confirmation, you will receive a link to the IREM Financial Analysis Excel Spreadsheet. It is strongly recommended that you download the spreadsheet to your laptop prior to attending the class.

Please note: taking FIN402, ASM603, ASM604, ASM605, and MPSAXM in consecutive order is strongly recommended.

Click here for information on webinars: “HP10BII Calculator Tutorial” and “IREM Financial Analysis Spreadsheet”

Click here to view the learning objectives for ASM603.