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Developing Direct Reports with Feedback

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You might think that, when an employee leaves an organization, it's to go somewhere where they can make more money. More often than not, though, this is not the case. In fact, most people leave because they want a working environment that can offer them more attention, feedback, and opportunities to grow, learn, and develop as professionals. As a manager, if you want to retain talented team members, you have to know how to effectively challenge and develop them, and to provide feedback on how they're doing along the way. In this course, based on research conducted by the esteemed Center for Creative Leadership, you'll use tools and learn strategies for effectively developing your direct reports with feedback, whether they're located in the same building with you or part of a virtual team based in different locations around the world.

This interactive course is intended for any manager with direct reports. Additionally, this course would be valuable to new managers or individual contributors preparing to move into a management role. The scenarios within the course focus on members of virtual teams, showing that development techniques can be applied effectively a manager and his or her direct reports aren't co-located.

Expected Duration

1 Hour 15 Minutes

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