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Secrets of Successful Property Management Companies
Co-hosted by Grace Hill and AppFolio, this informative webinar is packed with tips for ways you can improve the overall success of your property management business. Learn how important relationship building is and how essential it is to network inside and outside of your industry.

Business Intelligence and Data Governance
This webinar provides the tools for analyzing and reporting data to help decision-makers better understand internal business processes and financial performance. Instructors demonstrate how to use business intelligence (BI)  to preview property locations and specifications, determine and bill common area maintenance (CAM) expenses, and conduct performance-based leasing. Learn why BI and data-driven analytics are rapidly moving to the top of many CFOs and CIOs' agendas. 

Chat with Chuck: Legislative Lowdown 2013
Legislation guru Chuck Achilles, IREM staff president of legislation & research, hosts an information-packed session covering the federal and state legislation and regulations that are most relevant to today's real estate manager. Get up-to-speed on key policy developments that affect the properties you manage and the way you conduct business. 

Communication Methods and Trends in Adult Learning
Explore the latest trends in adult education and learn strategies for engaging a multi-generational audience. Key findings suggest that companies today are investing in on-demand learning as well as traditional methods that result in higher than average employee engagement and decreased turnover. Topics include: Criteria that drives student engagement; generational differences among students;strategies that enhance a culture of learning and development.

Dealing with the Media
For some, speaking in a public form is scarier than death; for those, dealing with the media is like making a soufflé in the middle of an earthquake. With the Smart Girls’ latest Recipe for Success, you will be a master chef in no time. Be privy to the secret ingredients that include the when and where to talk to the media, preparing an advance plan, how to cover sensitive topics and communicate compassion in more than just the spoken message. 

Everybody’s Got CAM: How to Sail Through CAM Season
Do you want to sail through CAM season like a pro? Join the second webinar in our series on CAM for battle-tested tips!  Knowing your way around CAM can be your company secret weapon! In this session Shannon Alter, CPM, will cover:

  • Seven steps to get you started
  • Walk-through of examples and case studies
  • How to find what you’re looking for
  • Types of leases and calculation methods

Fair Housing - Playing Fair in 2012!
This discussion offers a basic working knowledge of the fair housing laws and how to avoid the most common fair housing pitfalls, especially for on-site, multi-site and home office employees.

Finance and Asset Management Solutions: How You Can Impact Value
The financial markets are improving and many property owners are looking to refinance their debt.  Other owners are considering sale.  In this webinar, Fred Prassas, CPM, will share insights on how property managers can analyze how their decisions can impact the value of a property.  This webinar is the second in a series on finance and asset management solutions.

Golden Nuggets of Customer Service
This webinar on Customer Service demonstrates how you can amplify your level of service to your clients, tenants, customers and vendors in the real estate management world. David K. Aaker, a nationally known motivational speaker and trainer with a focus on Customer Service and Leadership, shares advice on:

  • Communicating more effectively with those you work with, and those you work for
  • Getting customers to drive past your competition to get to your front door.
  • Creating lifelong relationships with tenants, vendors, customers and clients

iPad for Business
Thinking of getting an iPad? Have an iPad, but not sure how to use it for more than Angry Birds? Get several tips and tricks for using your iPad and learn about some of the most useful apps for business and the real estate professional.

Marketing Plans
The Smart Girls of Ann Arbor, Michigan mix up all of the marketing flavors into a marketing plan that has something for every palette. Better than a Kitchen Aide, the Smart Girls mix up outreach marketing, promoting the reputation of your brand, social media, expanding your network, recruiting and retaining the best talent and inspiring your sales team. The key takeaway will be a recipe for formatting a plan and key ingredients you might use in writing a successful marketing plan that includes people, product, pricing, and promotion!

Got a lot on your plate?  Join the Smart Girls as they share how to enhance your networking ability no matter what your tastes.  Follow the recipe on how to read body language, adapt your approach to different personality types, how to approach the unapproachable and overcome obstacles.  The key take away from this session of the Your Recipes for Success series will be an ability to make more meaningful and useful connections with your colleagues and customers. 

OPT: A Smart Approach to Maximizing Apartment Turns
Join the Smart Girls of Smart Apartment Solutions, Dawn Ford, CPM, HCCP and Megan Orser, as they share tips on saving time and money by utilizing the principles of OPT (organize, prioritize and teamwork).  In this hands-on, highly interactive workshop you get down to the nuts and bolts of turn tasks, put the screws to wasted time and money, nail down efficiencies, level workloads and amp up your service team. 

Paperless Office
Join Leonard Frenkil Jr., CPM, and Michael McCreary, CPM, as they share they discuss low-cost to mid-cost solutions to going "paperless"; including PDF writers, scanners, and copiers with integrated imaging; middle-ground application and distribution platforms, including the intranet and portal based collaboration/ document management tools, and workflow applications; and
high-end document archival systems

Reputation Management
 Smart Girls Dawn Ford and Megan Orser of Smart Apartment Solutions look at how a community's reputation can be managed and marketed. Blend transparency, honesty, integrity, and timing to grow your brand while reaching new customers. Learn how to respond to review sites, promote your brand in social media, explore real case studies and techniques for dealing with the press & a proven formula for turning a rough reputation into a remarkable one!

Say It With Success
Approximately 75% of Americans fear public speaking over just about anything else. Whatever your goals are, you can learn to become calm and relaxed in front of any audience. Whether you are a business professional, association executive or a college student, this seminar provides the skills you'll need to be comfortable speaking to any size group.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Hook your audience from the start and keep them with you
  • Put yourself ahead of the pack with effective preparation
  • Weave in examples, stories and humor to create depth and interest
  • Connect with any type of audience

Smart Knowledgy
Join the Smart Girls, Dawn Ford and Megan Orser, of Smart Apartment Solutions as they get sassy and savvy with the latest of technologies.

  • Leasing with an i-Pad
  • Resident portals
  • Websites ( and tips on how to  incorporate changing content to drive your SEOs)
  • Social media
  • Constant contact
  • Text messaging (including texting from your laptop)
  • Smart Phones
  • Lead management
  • AND how best to incorporate these new technologies into our fast paced, high-demand worlds

Solving Leasing Challenges with Existing Tenants
Learn issues and strategies for lease renewals, buy outs, downsizing tenants and restructuring leases with Richard Muhlebach, CPM and Alan Alexander, CPM.

Using IREM Data to Gain a Competitive Edge
IREM’s Income/Expense Analysis data can help you gain an edge over your competition. Get the scoop directly from professionals like you, who use the data to help them make better business decisions. Listen to case studies that you can apply to your business immediately, and learn about the types of properties and reports that are featured in the five Income/Expense Analysis publications.  Join Matthew O'Hara, IREM Senior Manager, Income/Expense Analysis, to help understand the value of benchmarking and using historical trends – and learn why comparing your properties to the competition can help you turn data into dollars.

Working in the Cloud: What Everyone Should Know About Using an iPad & Mobile Computing
Discover new and easy ways to make technology work to your advantage. John Mayfield has been in real estate for over 30 years and helped many organizations use technology tools to market themselves and save time. In this session, attendees will gain tips, suggestions and ways to create a paperless office environment.