Leadership Competencies ( View Now )
Fair Housing Trends: Social Media In today’s economy, successful leaders are those that skillfully manage people, not tasks. This tutorial identifies the sixteen core the leadership competencies and key behaviors that real estate professionals need to be effective leaders. Explore the tutorial and be sure to check out the series of leadership white papers related to this topic... More
The Tough 10: Real Estate Management Client Situations Requiring Intervention ( View Now )
Fair Housing Trends: Social Media Real estate management is a service business and having good client relationships is essential. But different personalities, values, communication styles, and expectations affect satisfaction for both sides of the table... More
Changing Tastes Fuel the Amenities Race ( View Now )
Changing Tastes Fuel the Amenities Race Amenities have always been a key differentiator in attracting residents to luxury apartment buildings. Consumers' tastes and needs, with regard to amenities, evolve constantly...More
Water-Efficient Landscaping ( View Now )
Water-Efficient Landscaping We use a lot of water at our properties - to operate the restrooms and bathrooms, to cool them, for their kitchens, and, most of all, on the landscaping that contributes so much to curb appeal...More
Do You Have a Strong Employer Brand? ( View Now )
Do You Have a Strong Employer Brand? Do you have a strong employer brand? The world’s most successful companies are able to hire the best and brightest by aligning their overall brand with their employer brand—the traits, values, and benefits ...More
10 Reasons To Market To Booming Seniors ( View Now )
10 Reasons To Market To Booming Seniors According to the U.S. Census, there are 35 million seniors in the U.S. today and that number is growing. The senior demographic offers great potential to housing providers ...More
Top 10 Must-Have Contract Provisions ( View Now )
Top 10 Must-Have Contract Provisions So, the bidding process is over and it’s time to sign the maintenance agreement with the selected contractor. Avoid problems by ensuring that the signed agreement offers appropriate protections for the owner ...More
Top 10 Building Systems To Inspect Now ( View Now )
Top 10 Building Systems To Inspect Now Maintenance on major systems such as roofs, HVACs, and life safety systems comprise a significant portion of the property’s operating budget. Not to mention that these components have the greatest potential for risk ...More
What to Expect in Your Executive-Level Interview ( View Now )
What to Expect in Your Executive-Level Interview Getting ready for that big executive interview and unsure of what to expect? This interactive tutorial takes you through some areas commonly covered in the executive-level interview ...More
Attracting Talent: Employing a Diverse Workforce ( View Now )
Attracting Talent: Employing a Diverse Workforce Businesses that recruit from a diverse workforce are better able to find the best and the brightest talent needed to compete in an increasingly competitive economy...More
The Impact of Leasing on Value ( View Now )
The Impact of Leasing on Value Leasing is the primary source of income for the property, so marketing and leasing activities play a key role in determining the value of the building. Learn more about the calculations...More
Developing an Emergency Plan ( View Now )
Developing an Emergency Plan Do you have an emergency plan? Having an emergency and disaster plan in place that addresses both preparation and post-disaster response allows you to keep the investment viable...More
Energy and Water Conservation ( View Now )
Energy and Water Conservation Utility costs account for a significant portion of a property's operating costs. Find out how to identify cost-effective maintenance practices that improve sustainability, reduce operating expenses...More
Understanding Insurance Coverage ( View Now )
Understanding Insurance Coverage Identifying risks that can be transferred to a third party using insurance is a basic component of an effective risk management plan. Learn more about the basic concepts of insurance coverage...More
Selecting a Contractor ( View Now )
Selecting a Contractor You trust your staff to do everyday maintenance activities, but sometimes hiring a contractor just makes sense. Find out when and how to select a contractor, review policies...More
Discounted Cash Flow and Valuation ( View Now )
Discounted Cash Flow and Valuation Discounted cash flow analysis uses multiple years of income to provide a more accurate measure of value. Capitalization estimates market value based on theoretical behavior of all potential buyers...More
Assessing Your Leadership Skills ( View Now )
Assessing Your Leadership Skills Effective leaders influence their co-workers behavior and work in a way that increases confidence, effectiveness, and productivity, and ultimately increases the company's profitability. How effective are your leadership skills...More
Interviewing Job Candidates ( View Now )
Interviewing Job Candidates Effective and legally compliant interviews will ensure that the right talent is hired, which will add to the bottom line by decreasing turnover and increasing the quality of work. Do you conduct structured interviews...More
Employment Laws for Real Estate Managers ( View Now )
Employment Laws for Real Estate Managers The laws and guidelines related to human resource management form the foundation upon which human resource management rests. By complying with employment laws and guidelines...More
Effective Rent ( View Now )
Effective Rent Concessions associated with long-term leases must account for the passage of time by discounting concessions when they occur. Merely averaging the cash flows will not result in effective rent...More
Midstream Analysis ( View Now )
Midstream Analysis Midstream Analysis tells us the owner’s cash-out potential, or the income he or she would have received had the property been sold at that time. It also tells us the owner’s current equity...More
Loan Analysis ( View Now )
Loan Analysis Lenders use certain ratios to evaluate potential risks before approving a loan. Borrowers calculate and determine whether a loan places them in positive or negative leverage situation...More
Loan Calculation ( View Now )
Loan Calculation Financing of property may be required for acquisition, major replacements,improvements etc. Thus a real estate manager's responsibilities may be to compare mortgage loan options...More
NPV IRR ( View Now )
NPV IRR Learn about net present value(NPV) and present value, the differences between them and also how to calculate NPV...More
Time Value of Money ( View Now )
Time Value of Money Learn about what is the Time Value of Money(TVM) and the major components of TVM...More
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