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IREM Celebrates the 2019 REME Award Winners

The IREM REME Awards celebrate the extraordinary contributions of individuals and businesses in the real estate management industry. This year’s winners are exceeding expectations in all areas of our profession; in technology, innovation, sustainability, and leadership. They’re passionate about their work, their communities, and the occupants they serve.

REME Awards showcase corporate contributors, and individuals. Corporate winners have demonstrated sustainability practices, innovations in human resources, and they’ve made an impact on their communities, serving as noteworthy examples of creativity and inspiration to the real estate industry.

Individual awards go to the enthusiastic, dedicated leaders who’ve displayed creativity, have advocated for the industry, and set the stage for others to succeed.

Here are the 2019 IREM REME Award winners:

Corporate Innovation

Shenzhen Unova Commerce Management, of Shenzhen, China, for outstanding achievements in developing co-working space in an under-served market

Corporate and Social Responsibility

This year’s entries were so compelling, two winners in this category were chosen.

CAHEC, of Raleigh, North Carolina, for providing affordable housing, education services, and wellness initiatives in 11 states in the southeast and mid-atlantic region.

Southwest Clinical Center in Brasilia, Brazil, for original architectural design, impressive accomplishments in sustainability, and for employing environmentally friendly construction practices.

Employee & Leadership Development

The RMR Group of Denver, Colorado, for implementing practices that increase employee engagement, foster long-term employee development, and improve the employee experience.

AMO of the Year

United Plus Property Management, AMO® , of Troy, NY, for advancing employees through education and training, and for creating unique residential experiences in active senior and assisted living communities and student housing.

ARM of the Year

Jesse Miller, ARM® , ACoM, from Greystar Real Estate Partners, AMO® , in Portland Oregon, for advancing our profession through dynamic leadership, team-building, and an unmatched passion for the industry.

CPM of the Year

Shannon Longino, CPM® , Suntrust Community Capital, Atlanta, Georgia, for her exceptional contributions to IREM and her community.

The vast field of remarkable candidates made the task of choosing a single (or two!) winner in each category especially difficult this year. Hats off to this outstanding group for their hard work and efforts in advancing the real estate management industry around the world.

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