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IREM’s 2022 Global Summit proves there are no limits to what property managers can do

Over the years, IREM’s annual Global Summit has celebrated the achievements of real estate managers from every corner of the globe. This event is also designed to empower IREM members through education sessions led by leading experts. Maybe even more importantly, the Global Summit is a chance for IREM’s Governing Council to meet and make the many decisions that will define IREM over the next year.

This year’s Global Summit held October 17-20 at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, proved how IREM members have grown since last year as we adapt to today’s real estate environment. Last year, we remained knee deep in the shifting waves of the pandemic, the impact of the labor shortage, and the complexities of the eviction moratorium. Today, our members have emerged stronger, more nimble, and more valued for the skills they exercised during some tough times to ensure seamless building operations.

The issues of the day – rising prices, the labor shortage, supply chain disruptions and a housing shortage - were top of mind for IREM members throughout their time in Dallas. While the world is always changing, so is IREM. When we encounter problems, our members work together to solve them. IREM’s ensuring we develop and distribute the tools and resources to guide members through any challenge. We’re opening doors to this dynamic and rewarding profession, and we’re sharing experiences and providing support to each other.

2022 IREM President Barry Blanton, CPM®, shared his thoughts on how far we’ve come during the opening session on Tuesday, October 18 As he comes to the end of his presidency, this year’s Global Summit closed another chapter in the book of his many roles with IREM. As an immediate past president, Barry will continue to help shape and guide the IREM mission around the world.

Two keynote speakers were on board to broaden horizons and challenge convention. Phil Gwoke of BridgeWorks helped the audience navigate generational differences, especially in the workplace. Understanding the motivations and needs of the 5 generations currently in the workforce can help IREM members find the best candidates in the face of the current labor shortage. Property management firms employ talent in each of these 5 generations, from students all the way to those born in the post WWII era.

Col. Nicole Malachowski, USAF (Ret.), defies all stereotypes. A jet fighter pilot, the first female Thunderbird pilot, a combat veteran, a White House Fellow and so much more, Nicole is surprisingly down-to-earth. Over the course of her 21-year Air Force career, she learned how embracing the elements of courage, trust, and vulnerability helped her build a wildly successful Air Force career. Having the courage to fulfill your dreams, to trust in others, and to ask for help when you need it are all principles of success all IREM members can apply to improve their professional and personal lives.

The business of IREM is no small matter, as demonstrated by the hundreds of members who showed up to the Governing Council session. Over the course of the Summit, 26 governance meetings were held to review the progress of IREM’s boards and committees, and launch strategies designed to contribute to the success of IREM’s key initiatives and programs.

2022 NAR President Lesley Rouda Smith joined the meeting and addressed the audience to underscore the NAR’s close relationship with IREM, and how we’re sharing common goals on sustainability in real estate.

But the main event, the Gala, held on Thursday, October 20, was the culmination of everything that happened at the Summit. Truly a red-carpet event, IREM members came dressed to impress. 2022 IREM President Barry Blanton launched the event by recognizing the many people, from IREM HQ staff to IREM volunteers around the world, including the IREM Board of Directors, who come together year after year to further IREM’s mission. As incoming president, Renee Savage plans to elevate the impact of IREM on real estate management as we celebrate our 90th year.  The IREM Foundation recognized five members in three categories, honoring important achievements in advancing the real estate management profession, while the REME Awards were presented to eight winners in seven corporate and individual categories.

There truly are no limits to what IREM members can achieve when we come together. Mark your calendar for next year’s IREM Global Summit, October 10-13 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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