Generation Gap 2.0

August 29, 2017 | John Salustri

So much has been written about the difference between boomers and millennials that it would seem that one generation or the other is from another planet. Which one, of course, depends on how old you are.

But we spoke recently with two CPMs (or to be accurate, one CPM and one CPM Emeritus), about the yawning divide between the two cohorts, as researchers like to call them, to gauge their view on the hiring situation. If there was a common thread between the two answers, it was that both need people who can own their jobs and, as much as possible, hit the ground running.

“I’m blessed to have mature property managers who have been in the business for quite some time, and that makes my job easier,” says Ingo Kraus, who is regional manager for Altman Management Co. Inc., AMO, in Fort Washington, PA.

For those without those years of experience, Kraus banks on proper and thorough training, and what he describes as a team spirit for newbies’ professional development. But, in new hires, which increasingly means younger hires, he also banks on candidates who possess the rare quality of “taking ownership of the property. I want them to spread their wings, think out of the box and be creative.”

Nick Schwendeman, CPM Emeritus, is SVP of asset management for the Webb Companies in Lexington, KY, and he also has a “workforce that has been here for 25-plus years, but we’re starting to see that first wave of retirement. Our company’s been around since the mid-70s, so as that first group of people leaves and is being replaced, we’re looking for talented individuals who can not only hit the ground running but also can bring a grasp of technology.”

For Kraus and Schwendeman, it is key for new hires most of all to grasp the concept of service. “It’s vitally important to find someone who can understand that, understand our culture and exhibit that same customer-service attitude that helps us to retain our high level of occupancy.”

About the Author
John Salustri is editor-in-chief of Salustri Content Solutions, Inc., a consultancy focused on enhancing the web and print content of clients around the nation. He is a regular contributor to JPM Magazine and a frequent blogger for IREM’s website. Prior to launching SCS, John was founding editor of, the industry’s premier real estate news website, where he managed the daily output of 25 international reporters, and prior to that, he was editor of Real Estate Forum Magazine. John is a four-time winner of the National Association of Real Estate Editors’ Award for Excellence in Journalism.

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