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How do I Submit an Article to JPM?
What are Your Article Requirements & Guidelines?
Who Can Write for JPM?
Who Can I Contact With Questions or Ideas?
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How do I Submit an Article to JPM?
  • Fill out this submission form or e-mail your proposed article, outline, abstract or completed article to Mariana Toscas (
  • If e-mailing an incomplete article, outline or abstract of interest, you will be asked to follow up with a completed draft of your article.
  • If e-mailing a complete draft of your article, your article will be reviewed via IREM’s editorial process and given equal consideration for publication.
  • Accepted articles will be considered for publication at the discretion of the managing editor; submissions will be published in accordance with the editorial calendar and according to the nature and timeliness of the article.

What are Your Article Requirements & Guidelines?

JPM is IREM’s official magazine, and covers the most comprehensive range of information pertaining to real estate professionals of all property types and at all levels of experience in the real estate management industry.

Article Requirements:

  • Feature articles are typically between 1,100-1,500 words long
  • Columns are typically 495 words long
  • Articles should be typed, double-spaced and submitted in a Word document
  • Include Author’s name, title, company, geographic location, e-mail address in byline
  • Use subheads to break up text; include sidebars relevant to material covered
  • Refer to the Associated Press Stylebook for stylistic and grammatical questions

Article guidelines & Tips:

  • Use a conversational tone and use specific examples and/or case studies to illustrate points
  • Avoid using footnotes; credit your sources within the article
  • Provide supporting sidebars, tables, figures, charts or artwork along with your article
  • Make sure all facts and quotes are fact checked and correct to the best of your understanding
  • Use as many supporting quotes and sources as possible to support your topic
  • Do not promote or advertise any products, services or individuals

Who Can Write for JPM?

Authors are not required to be members of IREM. Any individuals with expertise in the real estate management industry are invited to submit. However, both their expertise and ideas must be relevant and applicable to the industry and must be original in content. Publishing an article in JPM establishes you as a credible expert in your field—exposing your thoughts and ideas to the thousands of readers throughout the world—and opens a dialogue among your peers.

  • Prior to publication, all authors are required to sign an Author Agreement.
  • Following publication, authors will receive a PDF copy of their article along with two printed copies, if requested.
  • All articles must be original and not previously published
  • Articles may be reprinted in other publications with the express permission of JPM

Who Can I Contact With Questions or Ideas?

Direct all questions, comments and/or articles to: Mariana Toscas, managing editor, JPM, c/o Institute of Real Estate Management, 430 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611. Call (312) 329-6016 or e-mail

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