UK Finds 34 High-Rise Apartment Buildings With Unsafe Siding

UK Finds 34 High-Rise Apartment Buildings With Unsafe Siding Fox News (06/24/17)

Britain's fire-safety crisis expanded substantially this past weekend as authorities said 34 high-rise apartment blocks nationwide had cladding that failed fire safety tests. London officials were scrambling to evacuate at least four public housing towers into emergency shelters and other accommodations after experts found them "not safe for people to sleep in overnight." The four blocks affected are in north London's Chalcots Estate. Fire inspectors uncovered problems with "gas insulation and door stops," which, combined with the presence of flammable cladding encasing each of the buildings, meant residents had to vacate immediately. The evacuation comes amid widening worries about the safety of high-rise apartment blocks throughout England following an inferno that engulfed Grenfell Tower in west London on June 14. At least 79 people lost their lives in the blaze. In the days since, much attention has focused on the 24-story building's external cladding material, which has been blamed for the rapid spread of that blaze. Multiple other fire risks have since been identified in some housing blocks.

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