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Investment Real Estate: Financial Tools - FIN402

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This course addresses the core issues that impact fiscal planning, giving you the ability to calculate important financial components and take control of your property’s financial outlook.

What you will learn:

  • Financial knowledge in property management. Owner’s goals and objectives, basic accounting types, common accounting practices
  • Budgeting and reports. Budgeting basics, types of budgets, variance analysis, financial reports
  • Cash flow analysis. Pro forma statements, cash flow trends, calculating rates of return
  • Capitalization and valuation. Capital, valuation, income capitalization, equity capitalization
  • Financial calculations and spreadsheet tools. Tools for budgeting, forecasting, and variance analysis
  • Financing: Financing basics, types of loans, sources of financing, calculating loans and amortization, title theory vs. lien theory, yield maintenance
  • Loan analysis. Loan-to-value ratio (LTV%), debt coverage ratio, leverage

How you will benefit:

  • Gain the fiduciary trust needed to work effectively with owners and investors
  • Maximize the financial potential of the properties you manage
  • Establish yourself as a strategic partner to your clients

Financial Calculator Required: A financial calculator or financial calculator app is required. Preferred calculators include financial calculator apps (available for download through app providers) and the HP10bII/HP10bII+ (no longer available for purchase through HP but available through other vendors, such as Amazon). Course materials illustrate keystrokes for the HP10bII calculator. Students are encouraged to download the interactive HP10bII Financial Calculator Tutorial and the “HP10bII Financial Calculator Quick Reference Guide” and review it prior to taking this course.

Laptop Computer Strongly Recommended: In addition to the use of the calculator, course materials include a review on how to use the IREM Financial Analysis Excel Spreadsheet to facilitate hands-on learning in the classroom. Students who wish to maximize their course experience are advised to bring a laptop to class. With your registration confirmation, you will receive a link to the IREM Financial Analysis Excel Spreadsheet. It is strongly recommended that you download the spreadsheet to your laptop prior to attending the class. 

Please note: taking FIN402, ASM603, ASM604, ASM605, and MPSAXM in consecutive order is strongly recommended.

Click here for information on webinars: “HP10BII Calculator Tutorial” and “IREM Financial Analysis Spreadsheet”

Click here to review the learning objectives for FIN402.

The online course takes approximately 4-6 hours to complete.

Access to the online course ends when you complete the course or 6 months after registration, whichever comes first.

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