Income/Expense Analysis: Conventional Apartments Download (2013)

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Turn Data Into Dollars: Dominate the competition with data breakdowns you can't find anywhere else.

This comprehensive, fully updated study contains detailed analysis of financial operations for multi-family properties across the United States and Canada. Summarized by building type, the income and expense data for each sample is presented in dollars per square foot of rentable area and as percentage of gross possible income.

  • Surveys of nearly 3,400 properties
  • Analysis of more than 150 metropolitan markets
  • Presented in:
    - dollars per square foot of rentable area
    - percentage of gross possible income
    - dollars per unit
  • Summarized by building type
  • Statistical breakdowns by age, size, and range
  • Analysis of vacancy rates and turnover trends
  • A variety of historical trend reports
  • Reports on Section 42 properties
  • Concessions

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2013 Edition Research Report:
Softcover, 240 pages
ISBN #: 978-1-57203-201-9

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