Marketing Residential Properties: The Science and the Magic

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Laurence C. Harmon, CPM®, CRE and Kathleen M. Harmon, CPM®, ARM®

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Why use antiquated marketing techniques in today's marketplace? Revolutionize your marketing strategy and increase your property bottom line.

Renting or selling residential properties? This book is a practical "how-to" guide - the first of its kind - covering both realms of residential marketing. Ideal for the residential real estate novice or veteran, for leasing agents and sales agents, supervisors and sales trainers. These expert authors offer useful and easy-to-follow steps to implement into your marketing practices. Learn how to:

  • Create and implement a residential marketing master-plan
  • Capitalize on new opportunities as the residential market fluctuates
  • Act as a consultative leasing or selling agent
  • Build a professional staff and get updated on Fair Housing
  • Train and coach your staff with new marketing techniques

Don't fall behind the times or behind your competition - with a little science and a little magic, you can transform your residential marketing strategy and your staff into a dream team of success!