Expense Analysis: Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Planned Unit Developments (2013)

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An essential tool for association management, this annual research report is the only one of its kind. Designed to assist condominium boards, managers, and developers, this report tracks utilities, maintenance, insurance, taxes, and amenities. Metropolitan, regional and national statistics are grouped according to association type (condominiums, cooperatives, and planned unit developments) and building type (high-rise, low-rise, or townhouse). This report provides managers, boards and developers with insights into each major area of project operation and enables them to make well-informed decisions about necessary replacement reserves, appropriate assessment levels, project budget and escalating expenses. This research study includes:

  • Surveys of over 2,100 community associations nationwide
  • Metropolitan, regional and national breakdowns
  • Grouped according to association type and building type
  • Analysis of over 30 expense categories
  • Tracks utilities, maintenance, insurance, taxes, and amenities
  • Hundreds of operating breakdowns
  • Median monthly assessments
  • Amenity package analysis

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2013 Edition Research Report:
Softcover, 320 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57203-202-6

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