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Leasing with an iPad

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Finding it difficult to keep up with today’s mobile technology? Purchasing an iPad is only half the battle, but how do you adapt to changes as fundamental as the reengineering of the entire point of sale when leasing an apartment home? The professional who makes the decision to obtain the necessary skills to master the world of mobile leasing will have a competitive edge.

In this webinar, Dawn Ford and Megan Orser from Smart Apartment Solutions will show you how to conduct the entire sales presentation from phone call to lease signing with your iPad. Topics covered include:

- What you will need to get started

- What apps are available and how can I use them?

- How the iPad is affecting the optimal Point of Sale

- Virtual Apartment Staging

- Payment collection on the go

- Streamline the process of information gathering, guest card entry, application processing and lease signing

- Break through communication boundaries

- Leasing mobile and how to best customize it for the way you qualify, demonstrate and close the sale

Webinar date: 1/17/13