Leadership Development: Effective Communication

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The most common competency listed for virtually all job descriptions is good communication. It's not surprising, then, to find that is was ranked the second most important competency for real estate management professionals. While the ability to effectively communicate with others is critically important, it is one of the toughest skills to master—especially since the meaning of any communication is determined by the person receiving it and not the person giving it. As a result, the same message can have a different meaning to different people. Have you ever sat in a meeting and then talked to someone afterwards who had an entirely different interpretation of what happened in the same meeting? The third in a series on leadership, this webinar will explain how property managers can become effective communicators and better leaders.

Join Ron Gjerde, IREM Vice President, Knowledge Center, as he discusses:

- The three basic rules for making any communication more effective
- How to craft the message to achieve your communication objectives
- Communication barriers to avoid
- How to be a better listener
- How emotional intelligence (EQ) impacts communication
- Specific actions you can take to be a better communicator

Webinar date: 8/14/13