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International News 2011

IREM Launches CPM Program in Bulgaria
(November 2011) On November 12, 2011, the first offering of CPM courses in Bulgaria took place in the capital city of Sofia. IREM’s newest international course sponsor, FIABCI-Bulgaria, is optimistic about the success of the CPM program there. As reported by Irena Perfanova of FIABCI-Bulgaria, property management is still a relatively new field in Bulgaria. As the country continues to struggle to get out of economic crisis, new construction is no longer a viable option. At the same time, unemployment outside of Sofia is resulting in more people moving into the capital and “doubling up” in apartments in older structures, straining the resources in those buildings. Thus, there is a new concentration on looking at the conditions and services in existing buildings and determining ways to improve them. It is the right type of climate to educate people on the importance of property management and to bring the skills and knowledge to Bulgarians already active in real estate.

IREM Headquarters Welcomes Japanese Residential Company Mitsui to Chicago
(November 2011) Eight employees from Mitsui Properties Residential Lease Company visited IREM Headquarters November 14 and 15. IREM staff organized a two-day program, which included a presentation at the IREM office on the first day, a traditional Chicago pizza lunch, and tours of two high-end properties-Trump Tower and the Aqua Building. On the second day, they visited a management company and large cooperative property in Noble Square. A special thanks to Marlene Dau, CPM, and her team at Tailor Made Properties for volunteering to host this group.

IREM Promotes Membership in Europe
(October 2011) Earlier this month, IREM representatives traveled to Europe to attend various conferences and promote the property management profession, IREM designations, and membership.

The joint conference of FIABCI-Europe and CEREAN in Sofia, Bulgaria served as the first stop. There 2011 IREM President Ron Goss, CPM, delivered a presentation outlining IREM’s gold-standard education and the benefits of membership. The presentation served as an opportunity to advertise the CPM curriculum in Sofia in anticipation of IREM’s launch there in November 2011. For more information on IREM in Bulgaria, visit

Following Sofia, IREM representatives networked at ExpoReal in Munich, Germany. ExpoReal is an international trade fair for commercial property and investment and is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe.

The final stop was the annual conference of the Polish Federation of Property Management Associations. There, President Goss had the opportunity to swear-in eight new Polish CPM Members and meet with members of IREM Poland Chapter No. 108 and its president, Jan Pieta, CPM.

International Attendance at Fall Conference on the Rise
(October 2011) For the second year in a row, IREM welcomed over 50 international members to its annual Fall Leadership Conference. This year, attendees from outside the US came from Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Japan, and South Korea. International attendees took advantage of IREM’s valuable education sessions and chapter leadership events and also participated in special activities including a presidential reception for international guests and a tour of Liberty Station, a mixed-use property that once was a Naval Training Center.

While members enjoyed what they learned during the conference, by far, the opportunity to network with other members from around the world rated top on their list of takeaways. “This was a wonderful opportunity to meet other international members and make connections. I hope to work with our members in China on a joint project in the near future,” says Fernanda Lisboa, CPM, from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

If you are interested in learning more about IREM’s international program or getting involved, click on the "Get Involved" menu item from the International tab. Available there is a guide created by the International Services Advisory Board entitled Getting Involved: A Guide to Participation with IREM's International Program.

IREM President Speaks at ProEstate Forum in Russia
(September 2011) For the fifth consecutive year, IREM participated both as a speaker and exhibitor in ProEstate, the international real estate forum held in St. Petersburg, Russia, and organized by the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers (GMD), the St. Petersburg Government, and the Russian Federation Ministry of Regional Development. The forum was held September 7-9.

Delivering a session on “Creating a Successful Property Management Company,” IREM President Ron Goss discussed the structure of the property management business in the United States, the changes experienced in the business over the past few years in light of the economic crisis, the characteristics that property owners are seeking in a management company, and suggestions for positioning a management company for success in this changing market. The presentation elicited a number of questions about how best to organize and staff a management company and led to discussion of the regulation of the management business in Russia.

IREM recently entered into a license agreement with GMD, which soon will begin offering the CPM and other IREM courses in St. Petersburg. GMD joins the Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR) as an authorized sponsor of IREM education in Russia.

IREM Offers Education in Kenya
(August 2011) Thirty-one real estate practitioners took part this month in a three-day IREM education program that provided an introduction to property management and the operation of a property management company in Nairobi, Kenya The program was sponsored by the International Real Property Foundation (IRPF) and presented at the East Africa Regional Real Estate Training Center (EARRETC) in Nairobi. IREM instructor Natalie Brecher, CPM, facilitated this course, created specifically for the EARRETC.

IRPF has been instrumental in the formation of the EARRETC, which was organized to encourage and support the real estate industry in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Headquartered in Chicago, IRPF promotes the establishment of real estate markets in developing countries with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development and other support.

View an article about IREM in Kenya's IRPF blog post.

IREM Strengthens Ties with Brazil Partners During Week-Long Tour
(August 2011) IREM President Ronald Goss, CPM, returned from a beneficial trip to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he met with representatives of IREM partner organizations, installed new members, and spoke at the ENACON conference for property and condominium managers.

In Rio, the highlight of the two-day visit was the installation of 18 new ARM Members in a special ceremony hosted by SECOVI-RIO, IREM's education licensee. Goss also attended meetings with area industry and partner executives.

In Sao Paulo, Goss met with IREM's other licensee, SECOVI-SP. SECOVI-SP is also the home of IREM Brazil Chapter No. 111. During a chapter event, Goss delivered a presentation on sustainability and presented the chapter with the 2010 International Star Chapter Award.

SECOVI-SP hosts the annual ENACON Conference exclusively for managers of properties and condominiums. Much ado was given to IREM, and President Goss delivered a well-received presentation on regulation of property management in the US.
A large group of IREM Members from both cities will be in attendance at the IREM Fall Leadership Conference.

China Begins 2011 Round of CPM Designation Courses
(August 2011) IREM Instructor Richard Muhlebach, CPM, will fly to Shanghai this week to lead a set of IREM courses for students working toward the CPM designation. This is the third round of courses sponsored by Weston Real Estate Management, IREM's education licensee in the area. The partnership, begun in 2008, has resulted in 39 new CPM Members and the formation of China Shanghai Chapter No. 118.

IREM Heads to India
(July 2011) IREM President Ron Goss, CPM, was in Hyderabad, India, the last week of July, where he was a speaker at the third annual convention of the National Association of Realtors of India. With the emerging recognition of real estate management as a profession, and the resultant opportunities third-party property management companies to form, Goss spoke on “Property Management: A Sunrise Industry.” Prior to the convention, Goss, together with Nancye Kirk, IREM’s vice president of global services, were in Delhi for meetings with real estate companies there.

Tour of Prize - Winning Property Scheduled in San Diego for International Attendees
(July 2011) Liberty Station in San Diego - a 361-acre mixed-use community in what was the former Naval Training Center - will be the focus of the property tour planned for property management practitioners from outside the US who attend the IREM Fall Leadership Conference. Winner of the 2011 FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award, Liberty Station consists of a retail and commercial district, a promenade, a residential district, a hotel district, and a park along the boat channel.

Also on the agenda for international delegates to the conference: presentations about new developments outside the US during the International Business Practices Forum, an information exchange as part of the International Services Advisory Board, and a special international reception - as well as numerous opportunities to mix and mingle with colleagues from the United States and around the world.

IREM promotes its conferences on the IREM website language pages in Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

IREM Attends 2011 Russian Guild of Realtors Congress
(June 2011) IREM President Ron Goss, CPM, and Leah Misbin, IREM Manager of International Operations, traveled to Moscow, Russia, in June to represent IREM at the Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR) annual congress.  During his visit, Mr. Goss participated in a roundtable discussion on property management and attended a chapter meeting of Russia Chapter No. 109, at which time he presented the International Star Chapter award to the chapter and installed 13 new CPM Members.

CPM from Calgary New President of REIC
(May 2011) IREM's partner in Canada, the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) again has a CPM as its president. Suzanne DeValley, CPM, president and founder of Longley Condominium Services in Calgary, AB, was installed as president of REIC at its 56th annual general meeting in Saskatoon, SK, on May 28. DeValley succeeds Chrystal Skead, CPM, ARM, who served as REIC's 2010-2011 president.

Attending REIC's annual meeting were IREM President Ron Goss, CPM, and President-elect Jim Evans, CPM, who also participated in the IREM Region 14 Leadership Conference that preceded the REIC meeting. During REIC's awards ceremony in Saskatoon, Goss presented the Outstanding IREM Canadian Chapter Award to Manitoba Chapter No. 114. This was the first time this award has been presented.

IREM Star Chapters Named
The following international IREM Chapters received Star Chapter Awards for their achievements in 2010:

  • British Columbia Chapter No. 50 - Five Star Chapter Award
  • Edmonton Chapter No. 54 - Five Star Chapter Award
  • London Chapter No. 113 - Five Star Chapter Award
  • Manitoba Chapter No. 114 - Five Star Chapter Award
  • Poland Chapter No. 108 - International Star Chapter Award
  • Russia Chapter No. 109 - International Star Chapter Award
  • Japan Chapter No. 110 - International Star Chapter Award
  • Brazil Chapter No. 111 - International Star Chapter Award

Canadian chapters, like chapters in the US, merit star awards based on their Star Chapter Workbooks. Other international chapters merit the international star award based on information provided in their annual activity reports.

IREM holds Leadership Conference in Canada
(May 2011) The 5th Annual IREM Region 14 Leadership Conference took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, May 25-26 — immediately prior to the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) annual general meeting. IREM President Ron Goss, CPM, President-elect Jim Evans, CPM, and Region 14 RVP Sandi Caputo, CPM, actively participated in the conference, where sessions focused on member and volunteer participation, best practices in building and planning of financial reserves, chapter marketing strategies, and strategic planning.

During the conference, IREM leadership installed several new CPM and ARM Members, presented the Five Star Chapter award to four IREM Canadian chapters, and named the IREM Outstanding Canadian Chapter.

Inauguration Ceremony Held For New IREM Chapter in China
(May 2011) The formation of IREM's newest chapter, China Shanghai Chapter No. 118, was celebrated in Shanghai in conjunction with a Real Estate Asset Management Forum organized by Shanghai Weston Real Estate Management Institute, IREM's education licensee there. IREM President Ron Goss, CPM, was the keynote speaker at the event, which took place on May 17. Also taking part was IREM Vice President of Global Services Nancye Kirk. The evolving and future role of real estate property and asset management in China was the focus of the forum, which included speakers representing state-owned management companies, asset managers, bankers, and real estate advisors. A number of new CPM Members also were installed during the forum.

IREM Leadership Attends Japan Chapter No. 110 Annual Meeting
(May 2011) IREM President Ron Goss, CPM, and IREM Vice President of Global Services Nancye Kirk were in Fukuoka, Japan, to attend the Japan Chapter No. 110 annual meeting. Goss was a featured speaker, reinforcing the critical role played by real estate managers in the real estate investment process, with particular attention on the role management can assume in the rebuilding of Japan after the recent earthquake and tsunami. Other highlights were the installation of 23 new CPM Members, presentation of the International Star Chapter Award to the Japan Chapter, and acknowledgement of outgoing chapter president Morikuni Kono, CPM, for his visionary service to the chapter.

Fukuoka, located in Southwest Japan, was one of the areas least affected by the March earthquake and tsunami. The Japan chapter has regularly hosted course offerings in Fukuoka since 2009.

IREM Has a New Chapter: China Shanghai Chapter No. 118
(April 2011) IREM's newest chapter and its first chapter in China was officially formed on April 12 in Washington, DC, when the Governing Council approved the establishment of IREM China Shanghai Chapter No. 118. This is IREM's 14th chapter outside the US and the third in Asia.

The China Shanghai Chapter grew out of a business relationship established in 2008 between IREM and the Shanghai Weston Real Estate Management Institute, a division of Brawman International Group. Shanghai Weston has sponsored two complete rounds of CPM courses, resulting in 35 CPM Members and four CPM Candidate Members. A third round of CPM courses is scheduled to begin in August 2011.

The first president of the new chapter is Mr. Qui Liu, CPM, general manager of Shanghai World Expo Land Holding Company, which was responsible for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo that attracted over 73 million visitors during its six-month run.

IREM President Ron Goss, CPM, will travel to Shanghai to participate in a forum on May 17 announcing the official formation of the new China Shanghai Chapter.

IREM Japan Members, Attending LLS, Recount Experience of Recent Earthquakes
(April 2011) IREM members were happy to see five of their colleagues from Japan at the 2011 Leadership and Legislative Summit in Washington, DC. During a meeting of the International Services Advisory Board, Morikuni Kono, CPM, president of Japan Chapter No. 110, recounted his experience on the day of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami, noting that all CPM Members in the affected area were safe. He also reported on the state of the housing market in Japan following the disaster. Tiger Yamamoto, CPM, who had worked with Rotary International to provide aid to the most affected areas, shared his experiences with the board as well.

To show support for their colleagues in Japan, conference attendees were invited to donate to an aid relief fund and wear a US-Japan friendship pin on their lapel.

Further strengthening the connection with IREM members in Japan, IREM President Ron Goss, CPM, will be in Fukuoka May 18-21 to participate in the Japan Chapter's annual meeting, welcome new CPM Members, and install the new president of the chapter, Ms. Kuniko Osaki, CPM.

IREM Leadership Visits Chapters in Korea, Canada
(March 2011) IREM President Ron Goss, CPM, was in Seoul, Korea, in late March to take part in the annual meeting of IREM Korea Chapter No. 112 and install 12 new CPM Members. While in Seoul, meetings also were held with individual CPM Members and with the leaders of the chapter and other organizations.

More recently, President Goss and Region 14 RVP Sandi Caputo, CPM, visited IREM Quebec Chapter No. 37 and IREM Ottawa Chapter No. 115 on April 14 and 15 for the two chapters' annual meetings. During the meetings, Goss spoke on IREM's role as a career provider.

While in Montreal, Goss and Caputo also visited UQAM University and SITQ: Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec.

CID Course and ARM Certification Launched in Russia
(March 2011) The first offering of Common Interest Developments: Managing Condominium Association Properties took place outside the US in March 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia. IREM Faculty member, James Cantrell, CPM, traveled to St. Petersburg to deliver the course and administer the exam. Seventeen Russian practitioners participated and are likely to become IREM's first ARM Members in Russia.

IREM's long-time partner in Russia, the Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR), sponsored the course in conjunction with its affiliate association, the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers (GMD).

The next international offering of CID201 is scheduled in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in June, which will mark the initial offering of this course in Canada.

IREM Signs Agreement with New Licensee in Russia
(March 2011) On March 10, IREM entered into a licensing agreement with the Guild of Managers and Developers (GMD), headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia. This nonexclusive agreement allows GMD to offer IREM education towards the CPM designation in St. Petersburg.

GMD is IREM's second licensee in Russia. IREM has been working with the Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR) since 1998. Based out of Moscow, RGR will continue to offer IREM courses there. RGR is also the administrator of IREM Russia Chapter No. 109.
The agreement was signed during the MIPIM Conference in Cannes, France. MIPIM is one of the largest and most prestigious gatherings of investment real estate professionals in the world. President Ron Goss, CPM, and Russell Salzman, EVP/CEO were in attendance.

IREM Signs Licensing Agreement With FIABCI-Bulgaria
(February 2011) IREM has entered into a new licensing agreement with FIABCI-Bulgaria and plans to begin offering CPM courses in Sofia in the summer of 2011. IREM is a principal member of FIABCI, The International Real Estate Federation, an entity representing all real estate disciplines with the main goal of helping its members add international dimension to their businesses.