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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Annual Giving


Q. What is Annual Giving?
Annual Giving is the yearly appeal that the IREM Foundation makes to all members for unrestricted funds that can be used immediately to meet the Foundation's most important needs and opportunities such as industry research, community service, professional recognition awards, career development and scholarships as well as general operations to support our ongoing programs.

Q. I am a member of IREM, what does my donation do beyond my membership participation?
Participating in Annual Giving will provide the Foundation with the dollars necessary to help implement changes that can make our impact even stronger, changes IREM Members have recommended we consider. We believe that you share our commitment to the Foundation, so please make a gift this year after you have thoughtfully considered our initiatives.

Q. There are so many other important charities to support, how do I prioritize those along with an IREM Foundation gift?
Although we don't expect you to make the Foundation the only object of your charitable giving, because there are other good causes out there, we do encourage you to participate. As a leader in the community and in your industry, we hope that the Foundation will be one of those that you will support in a way that is appropriate for you. In addition to helping these causes directly, we believe that an investment in the Foundation is an investment your community.

Q. I am just beginning my career and don't have a lot of disposable income, how much should I give?
Every gift, regardless of its size, is an important part of achieving our goal this year and for years to come. Please give an amount that is meaningful to you.