Joseph Greenblatt, CPM
Joseph Greenblatt, CPM

Strategic Initiatives - Programs and activities that have the potential of significant impact on the organization and the markets it serves

2014 Key Strategic Initiatives
To advance its strategic principles, IREM will:
1 Develop opportunities for deeper engagement with industry practitioners at all career levels.
2 Create, curate, produce, and distribute meaningful industry content, trends, and business intelligence utilizing technology tools, subject matter expertise, thought leaders, crowd sourcing, case studies, social networks, and collaborations.
3 Ensure its credentialing programs align with current industry best practices and emerging business trends.
4 Enable and support chapters in providing value to and engagement with the real estate management industry within local and regional markets.
5 Extend and deepen connections with colleges and universities in order to attract students to and prepare them for careers in real estate management.
6 Enrich IREM’s brands to increase their recognition and enhance market positioning.
7 Explore vehicles that will create business opportunities for and drive business to IREM’s credentialed members and member firms.