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Lori Burger, CPM
2015 President
Lori Burger, CPM

Strategic Initiatives - Programs and activities that have the potential of significant impact on the organization and the markets it serves

2015 Strategic Initiatives
These initiatives represent the programs and activities that, properly executed, have the potential of making a significant impact on our organization, on our members, and on our other stakeholders

Introduce and attract young talent to real estate management and prepare newcomers for career success.
                ... by connecting with colleges and universities, advancing employer-based outreach initiatives, engaging young professionals, and embracing demographic and generational shifts


Inform, guide, and support those who manage real estate assets from the property level to the portfolio level.
                ...  with emphasis on property operations, asset management, and sustainability.  to sustainability


Identify business and employment opportunities for and drive business to IREM’s credentialed members (CPM, ARM, ACoM) and member firms (AMO).
                ... acknowledging excellence through award and recognition programs, and promoting the value proposition of credentialed members to those who benefit from their professionalism and expertise


Inform, guide, and support the operation of business enterprises that provide real estate management as a professional service and those who lead them.
                ... by offering products and services that maximize business enterprise value, strengthen today’s leaders, and build leaders for tomorrow


Develop and promote opportunities for deeper engagement with industry practitioners at all career levels. 
                ... by cultivating vibrant chapters, fostering personal networking, and harnessing the power of social media and virtual networking platforms


Align IREM credentialing programs with industry best practices and emerging industry and business trends.
                ... by reinforcing the competency and professionalism of IREM-credentialed members, delivering cutting-edge curriculum, and embracing contemporary training technologies and practices