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IREM Makes News

Everyday, IREM works with the media to stimulate news coverage about the organization, its programs and services, its legislative and issues advocacies,and its members' expertise. Following are highlights of the outstanding coverage that appeared recently in national, regional, and local media outlets.

“Duane Komine, ARM Named #1 Accredited Residential Manager in the USA!”
Oahu nearsay – October 26, 2015
Congratulations to Duane Komine, ARM, for winning the Institute of Real Estate Management’s 2015 REME Award! Duane represented Hawaii on the national stage by winning the first ever Real Estate Management Excellence Award in the category of Accredited Residential Manager of the Year, presented in Salt Lake City on October 23, 2015. Duane is the General Manager of the award-winning, mixed-use luxury condominium Hokua.

“MEB Wins Award for Program Targeting Homelessnesss”
Commercial Property Executive – November 30, 2015
Phoenix-based MEB Management Services has won a 2015 Real Estate Management Excellence Award for a program that aims to alleviate homelessness. MEB’s award-winning program, named Big Audacious Miracle, or BAM, "focuses on ending homelessness and encourages employees to reach out to local communities with the goal of making sure that every person has a home."

“Bentall Kennedy Honoured for ForeverGreens”
Remi Network – November 26, 2015
Bentall Kennedy was recently honoured with the 2015 REME Award in the Corporate Responsibility category by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). The ForeverGreen initiatives focus on reducing the amount of refuse sent to landfills while driving improvements in waste diversion numbers. Other initiatives include an E-Waste Challenge for shopping centers during Earth Week, a “coffee footprint” program to repurpose coffee grounds into sustainable soil, and a program to repurpose diseased trees into valuable wood products.

“Chart Of The Week: Are FAA Properties Worth The Effort?”
Bisnow - November 4, 2015
Many have been raising concerns about the ongoing "affordable housing crisis" in major US cities. With rising rents and expiring contracts, federally assisted apartments and properties have become questionable investments, and owners are considering cashing out or converting the space to market rate housing. And, according to a report by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), these owners' concerns are valid.

“MEB wins national award for program that helps end homelessnesss”
Real Estate Daily News - October 30, 2015
Arizona firm garners honor for Workplace Environment at IREM conference. MEB Management Services won a prestigious Real Estate Excellence Award (REME) for Workplace Environment last weekend at the IREM Executive Educational Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. MEB was honored for its Big Audacious Miracle (BAM) program, which is focused on ending homelessness and encouraging employees to reach out to local communities with the goal of making sure that every person has a home. MEB was up against two national and international firms.

“Skills Shortage, Diversity Hot Topics at IREM Fall Conference”
Bisnow – October 30, 2015
From diversity and asset management alignment to cyber attacks and buildings going smoke-free, property managers have a lot to ponder these days. The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) gathered top experts to delve deep into these topics at its recent three-day Fall Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City. Here's the recap.

“Meet IREM’s New President: Christopher Mellen”
Bisnow - October 30, 2015
One of the highlights of IREM's Fall Leadership Conference is the inaugural gala, in which IREM welcomed its 80th president, The Simon Companies' Christopher Mellen (above with outgoing president Lori Burger of Eugene Burger Management Co in the traditional "passing of the gavel"). There were introductory remarks by IREM CEO Russ Salzman and Brad Setser from gala sponsor Yardi, and two of Chris' colleagues read a letter written by The Simon Cos founder and president Franklin Simon, who as a mentor, introduced Chris to IREM.

“Between Asset and Property Management”
National Real Estate Investor – October 30, 2015
In a recent column, we discussed the advancing relationship between property and asset managers. Now, on the heels of a compelling new white paper released at our recently completed Fall Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City, we think it’s important to explore this relationship more fully. The great advances that property management has made in the past few years; how these advances have contributed to the above-mentioned blurring of lines between asset and property management; and how up-and-coming property managers might be better equipped to think like asset managers. Let’s take them one-by-one.

“Delegates from Seven Countries Hit Salt Lake City”
Bisnow - October 30, 2015
The IREM Fall Leadership Conference welcomed delegates from seven countries outside of the US this year: Japan, Canada, China, South Africa, Brazil, Chile and Ukraine. This year was particularly special for the delegation from Brazil, as they were celebrating the approval of Rio de Janeiro as IREM's Chapter No. 120. Outgoing president Lori Burger of Eugene Burger Management Co recently traveled to the country to swear in the newest Certified Property Managers.

“IREM Foundation Raises Nearly $40,000”
Bisnow - October 30, 2015
The IREM Foundation hosted two special events during the IREM Fall Leadership Conference: Party with a Purpose, an '80s-themed party that raised $27,000 through ticket sales, donations, and karaoke. It also held the Joe Aveni Open Golf Tournament at the Eaglewood Golf Course in North Salt Lake City, where 52 golfers took to the green and raised an estimated $10,000.

“IREM'S Next Generation”
Bisnow - October 30, 2015
Sixty-two students from Brigham Young University, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Virginia Tech, University of Alaska-Anchorage and Ball State University met with IREM members to exchange business cards, discuss ideas, and gain new perspectives at the Young Professionals networking event at the IREM Fall Leadership Conference. Members described the ins and outs of real estate management, with topics ranging from the typical day of a property manager to how to be successful in the industry.

“IREM Introduces Affordable Green Certification”
Real Estate Management Industry News - October 29, 2015
Due to the high volume of office, retail and multifamily properties unable to achieve LEED certification because of cost, IREM has launched what is calls an “affordable, attainable alternative.” The IREM Certified Sustainable Property, certification is more customized to property managers who have sustainability programs, but can’t demonstrate green performance to stakeholders.

“IREM REME Awards Celebrate Real Estate Management Excellence”
Bisnow - October 28, 2015
At this year’s IREM Executive Edge conference in Salt Lake City, the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) announced the winners for its inaugural REME Awards, which recognize a higher level of excellence in the field of (you guessed it) real estate management. More specifically, the REME Awards are for the companies and practitioners in any and every asset class and market who not only help advance the management industry by starting and sharing innovative business practices and initiatives, but also deliver the most exceptional service and value for their clients.

“E3 Electric Wins IREM Food Fest”
Bisnow - October 22, 2015
Congrats to E3 Electric, which won IREM's annual Food Fest with its Beers and Brats Oktoberfest entry. (You might recognize Evergreen Commercial Realty's Blaire Moreland hanging out with them.)

“Here's What You Need To Know About IREM's Alternative to LEED”
Bisnow - October 21, 2015
For all the environmentally responsible managers out there, the new IREM Certified Sustainable Property program will not only reward you for your green initiatives, but enable you to showcase your value as a manager to owners, tenants, residents and other stakeholders. But with something so revolutionary, a lot of questions come to mind. Here’s what you need to know.

"The Cost of Operating a National Shopping Center"
Bisnow - October 15, 2015
The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), an international community of real estate managers, collected the national median income for open shopping centers based on average actual occupancy (AAO). The findings range from $15.28/SF to $25.45/SF. The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions reported the highest income/SF for open centers.

"Do Multifamily Amenities Lead to Higher Rents and Lower Costs?"
Bisnow - October 13, 2015
What types of buildings offer the highest rents? According to IREM data, all four building types reported increases in gross potential apartment rents in 2014. Elevator buildings reported the highest increase in gross potential rents, 4.4%, raising the rent/SF from $17.85/SF in 2013 to $18.63/SF in 2014. Low-rise buildings with 12 to 24 units increased from $11.79/SF in 2013 to $11.96 in 2014. The rents in garden buildings increased 3% to $11.36/SF, and low-rise buildings with 25 or more units experienced an increase of 2.1%, bringing rents to $11.82/SF.

"Meet the Industry's Youngest CPM"
Bisnow - October 9, 2015
Evergreen Commercial Realty associate Blaire Moreland recently made property management history - this year, at age 22, she was the youngest person ever to receive IREM’s Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation. "When I went to the classes, it was instant connection," she says. "I loved that people wanted to help others out and better the industry as a whole."

"Downtown Office Vs. Suburban Office National Income/Expense Review"
Bisnow - September 30, 2015
The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), an international community of real estate managers, collected income and expense data from over 2,200 private-sector buildings across the US. This year’s sample represents 1,914 office developments, some of which contain multiple buildings.

"Who Will Follow?"
National Real Estate Investor - September 15, 2015
Next month I pass the presidential reins of IREM to Christopher Mellen, CPM, ARM, of Simon Cos., in Braintree, Mass., as he prepares to become our 2016 president. Leadership that changes every year can imply chaos. Continuity is assured by two constants: A permanent professional staff and a strategic plan, a living document that can both guide the activities of leadership while allowing for market-driven change and provide flexibility enough for the personality and interests of each succeeding president to shine through.

"Condo Associations Steadily Building Reserve Accounts - 2015 Income/Expense Analysis: Condominiums, Cooperatives - Institute of Real Estate Management"
Chicago Tribune - September 1, 2015
These and other trends are shown in the recently released"2015 Expense Analysis: Condominiums, Cooperatives and Planned Unit Developmentssdoublequot; by the Institute of Real Estate Management. The report, done annually since 1978, analyzes the respondents' previous-year income and expenses in 30 categories, and it makes one-year comparisons. Its intent is to help owners and managers benchmark their associations' financial conditions and develop their budgets.

"Apartment Managers Prioritize Leasing Skills"
American Apartment Owners Association - August 21, 2015
New survey results reveal that credentialed residential property managers have some key diverging priorities from their peers in the commercial sector, despite the many similarities in their job functions.

"Joseph Jajonie wins Student of the Year Scholarship from the Institute of Real Estate Management "
Virginia Tech News - August 14, 2015
Joseph Jajonie of Virginia Beach, Virginia, a Virginia Tech senior pursuing dual bachelor’s degrees in building construction and real estate, received the 2015 Student of the Year Scholarship from the Institute of Real Estate Management and the IREM Foundation.

"Does Communication Trump Technology For Real Estate Managers?"
RealStreetTech - August 13, 2015
More than 1,400 real estate management professionals from across the United States and Canada recently participated in a comprehensive study to help define the responsibilities and competencies for successful real estate managers.

"Announcing the 2015 IREM Real Estate Management Excellence (REME) Award Finalists"
San Francisco Chronicle - August 12, 2015
The IREM REME Awards celebrate individuals and organizations for real estate management excellence.

"Introducing the IREM REME Awards"
The Network - August 12, 2015
The IREM REME Awards celebrate individuals and organizations for real estate management excellence.

"10 Skills Every Management Professional Must Know"
Bisnow - July 31, 2014
The early findings of IREM’s annual Job Analysis report are out - and there's a surprising trend.

"What You Don't Know About Christopher Mellen"
Bisnow - July 31, 2014
Profile of fun facts about IREM President-Elect Chris Mellen.

“Three Big Issues IREM Will Take to Capitol Hill ”
Bisnow – April 10, 2015
Find out what issues IREM takes to Capitol Hill on the 18th annual visit.

“Toward Cultural Diversity”
National Real Estate Investor – Feb. 24, 2015
This column, by IREM 2015 President Lori Burger, CPM, explores the importance of understanding and respecting cultural differences in the workplace. An inclusive approach to communication is a key trait of effective leaders.

“This Week’s Chicago Deal Sheet”
Bisnow – Feb. 23, 2015
The 200 W. Madison building in Chicago earned “kudos” from Bisnow for being the the 2nd Chicago property to earn the IREM Certified Sustainable Property certification.

“Before Disaster Strikes”
National Real Estate Investor – Feb. 3, 2015
How prepared are you for the unpredictable? That’s a question posed by 2015 IREM president, Lori Burger, CPM, in her latest NREI Column.

“The sad fact is that we live in dangerous times, and all buildings offering public access are vulnerable to threats either from nature or from human beings,” she wrote. “It is the latter, including the robberies, the assaults and, in frighteningly increasing numbers, the incidents of random shootings, that can take us most by surprise.”

“Growing Market Demand for Transparency in Sustainability”
Mann Report Management – February 2015
IREM Sustainability Program Manager Todd Feist discusses the growing importance of sustainability in risk management plans and best management practices.

“What You Don’t Know About Russ Salzman”
Bisnow – Jan. 16, 2015
Get to know IREM CEO and EVP Russ Salzman a little better with this informal and informative interview.

“Toward Better Leadership”
National Real Estate Investor – Jan. 8, 2015
There are leaders who are leaders first, and there are leaders who are servants first. So said Robert K. Greenleaf, founder of the modern Servant Leadership movement, and so said IREM president Lori Burger, CPM, PCAM, CCAM, in her recent NREI Column

“A Taxing Agenda in 2015”
Multi-Housing News – Jan. 6, 2015
IREM Senior Manager of Government Affairs Beth Wanless speaks about the issue of carried interest, and the issue of federal tax deduction for owners and lessees of commercial and multifamily properties with four or more stories

"Are You Smart About Your Education?"
National Real Estate Investor - Nov. 6, 2014
This article, bylined by IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, makes a compelling case for the need for continuing education amongst real estate industry practitioners....and, by others who want to survive and thrive in the dramatically changing business environment. Joe's "punch line" is this: "If you stop to catch your breath or you stop because you are tired of going to classes or you simply like the way you're doing things, good for you. You're headed for extinction."

"Price-Tag Preview"
Commercial Property Executive - November 2014 Issue
This article highlights expectations for the cost of operating buildings in 2015 and features a major chart and content highlights from some of IREM's 2014 Income/Expense Analysis Reports.

"Controlling Operating Costs"
The Chicagoland Cooperator - October 2014 issue
This article, which addresses operating costs in condominiums, features extensive comments from IREM Member Brian Lozell, CPM.

"IREM Takes Millennials, Medical Marijuana, and Mid-term Elections"
Property Management Bisnow - Oct. 27, 2014
This edition of Property Management Bisnow focuses exclusively-- in photos and copy -- on IREM's 2014 Fall Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL.

"IREM Special Report: The Millennial Factor"
Commercial Property Executive - Oct. 22 2014
This report contains highlights of a featured panel discussion on the impact of millennials on real estate at IREM's 2014 Fall Leadership Conference in Orlando.

"IREM Special Report: What's Next in Energy Benchmarking?"
Commercial Property Executive - Oct. 20, 2014
This special report captures highlights of the session on the subject featured at IREM's Fall Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL

"Office Sector Strategies"
Commercial Real Estate Show - Oct. 15, 2014
IREM Member Steve Ring, CPM, was one of the guests on this radio show, broadcast in 12 top markets across the U.S. The show looked at the latest U.S. property level performance, rate growth trends, cap rates and forecasts. It also examined participants views, outlook and tips related to asset management, sustainability, and the trends impacting office users and investors.

"IREM Partners with Center for Creative Leadership for Leadership Development Resources "
FM Link (Facilities Management News) - Sept. 29, 2014
This article highlights the agreement between IREM and the Center for Creative Leadership.

"City Launches Initiative to Encourage "Green" Practices in Commercial Real Estate"
Prime Property...the real estate blog of the Houston Chronicle - Sept. 29, 2014
This blog post provides highlights of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between IREM and the City of Houston to promote whole-building sustainability...and discusses kick-off launch events for the "Houston Green Office Challenge" and the "IREM Sustainable Property Challenge."

"Shopping Center Income and Occupancy Levels Rose, Operating Costs Declined in 2013, Finds IREM Study"
FM Link (Facilities Management News) - Sept. 19, 2014
This article contains highlights of IREM's latest Income/Expense research report on shopping center performance.

"IREM Report Covers Income, Expense Data and Key Performance Trends for Conventional Rental Apartments"
FM Link (Facilities Management News) - Sept. 17 edition
This article provides highlights of IREM's latest Income/Expense Analysis: Conventional Rental Apartments research study.

"Have You Bridged the Generation Gap? Part 2"
National Real Estate Investor - Sept. 17, 2014
In this bylined column from IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, Greenblatt focuses on the implications that arise in training and education practices as a result of “this highly savvy, tech-oriented generation.” He cautions that good intentions alone won’t cut it with Millennials, whose future is about knowledge and thoughtful and informed decision making and who value training and education. He urges company decision makers, especially those who are closer to the Baby Boomer age, to think carefully about how they train as well as the training tools they use. Why? “Because,” Greenblatt asserts, “these decisions could determine if your company is seen as a magnet for up-and-coming talent or a relic from an older time.”

"IREM, City of Houston Join Forces on Local Sustainability Initiative"
Multi-Housing News - Sept. 17, 2014
This story contains highlights of the IREM-City of Houston collaboration and features extensive comments from IREM's Sustainability Manager Todd Feist.

"IREM Releases 2014 Income, Expense Data on Office Building Performance"
FM Link (Facilities Management News) - Sept. 15, 2014
This article provides highlights of IREM's latest Income/Expense Analysis: Office Buildings research study.

"Houston, IREM Team Up in Eco Collab" - Sept. 15, 2015
This article highlights some specifics of the Memorandum of Understanding between IREM and the City of Houston to promote sustainability and includes quotes from Kevin Roberts, Transwestern Southwest President, on the benefits of the IREM-City of Houston collaboration.

"Associations Beefing Up Their Reserve Accounts"
Chicago Tribune - Sept. 14, 2014
This article highlights key findings of IREM's 2014 Income/Expense Analysis: Condos, Co-ops/HOAs...and includes comments from IREM's Senior Manager Income/Expense Analysis and Research Matthew O'Hara.

"Chicago Landmark AMA Plaza Earns IREM Sustainable Property Certification"
FM Link (Facilities Management News) - Sept. 10, 2014
This photo feature includes information drawn from the IREM news release on the subject plus lots of supplementary information about the building.

"Have You Bridged the Generation Gap? Part 1"
National Real Estate Investor - September 5, 2014
In this bylined column by IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, Greenblatt asserts that Millennials (aka GenYs) are impacting every aspect of how our businesses are structured, from hiring and training practices to how we as business leaders sustain our teams and our organizations from a competitive standpoint. He goes on to observe that as Gen Y infiltrates the workplace, business leaders are challenged to respond positively to the transition in practically everything they do. He makes the case that while some tried and true practices will remain, others will become surprisingly obsolete, holding businesses back from achieving all they can. He stresses that leaders have to be able to discern the difference between the two, and must be nimble in embracing new methodologies as their future success dictates.

"Remote Control"
Commercial Property Executive - September 2014 Issue
This story, on effective oversight of widespread offices, features extensive comments from IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, and IREM Senior Vice President Mike Lanning, CPM.

"IREM Names 'Student of the Year' Scholarship Winner"
Multi-Housing News - Aug. 22, 2014
This article contains information about the winner and the award and talks about IREM's the variety of things that IREM is doing to attract young people to real estate management careers. It features extensive quotes from Dee Headley, CPM, chair of IREM's Student and Academic Outreach Advisory Board.

"Income for Open Centers Increases in 2013" - Aug. 21, 2014
This article features highlights drawn from IREM's 2014 Income/Expense Analysis Study.

"IREM's Annual Office Building Study Yields Mixed Bag Results"
Commercial Property Executive - Aug. 18, 2014
This article covers highlights of the study and includes quotes from IREM's Senior Manager, Income/Expense Analysis and Research Matt O'Hara.

"Energy Plaza: Rarest Building in the World"
Property Management Bisnow - Aug. 15, 2015
This photo-feature, drawn from an interview with David Bryant, CPM, Senior Property Manager of Energy Plaza, highlight's the building's distinction as the first one in the world to earn IREM's Certified Sustainable Property certification. It goes on to address some of the building" man sustainability achievements

"Moving Toward International Management Standards"
National Real Estate Investor - Aug. 8, 2014
This article, bylined by IREM's Chief Strategy Officer Nancye Kirk, talks about the mission of the International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) Coalition and the commitment of its members -- including IREM -- to promoting the implementation of property measurement standards and encouraging world markets to accept and adopt the IMPS as the primary method of property measurement.

"Beyond Real Estate 101"
Commercial Property Executive - August Issue
This article, which talks about the expansion of real estate programs at colleges and universities and innovative learning approaches being introduced, features extensive comments from IREM's Chief Strategy Officer Nancye Kirk.

"Profile and Compensation Studies" - July 25, 2014
This article covers highlights of IREM's 2014 Profile and Compensation Studies of CPM/CPM Candidate Members and ARM Members.

"A New Day in the Way America Looks at Housing"
National Real Estate Investor - July 18, 2014
In this bylined column by IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, Greenblatt observes that while we’ve heard about the rent-vs-own debate seemingly for years, there really is no debate. Rather, he asserts, we are witnessing a tectonic shift in the way Americans view the concept of dwelling, a direct result of the rise of the Millennial Generation and a redefinition of what retirement means on the part of baby boomers. He expands on the specific reasons for the tectonic shift, discusses the emergence of the single-family home rental trend as “answering a new need,” and concludes with the observation that there are clearly watershed changes afoot in the home vs. rent discussion.

"Welcome to Property Management 2.0"
National Real Estate Investor - June 27, 2014
In this bylined column by IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, Greenblatt asserts that a major shift is taking place in the real estate management profession, a blurring of lines between the traditional definitions of property and asset management. He cites the reasons for the change and goes on to observe that achieving the level of sophistication at the property level is more about being a technologically astute and thoughtful operator and then applying your professional skills.

"Legislative Roundup 2014"
The Cooperator - June 2014 Issue
This article summarizes what's happening and what might happen in the New York legislative arena that cold impact the state's condo/co-op/HOA marketplace. It features extensive comments by Dawn Carpenter, CPM, immediate past president of IREM's Greater New York Chapter, who comments on several matters in the state's courts that the chapter is following, one of which is a class-action lawsuit that is challenging New York City[s property tax system. She also touches on several legislative measures in which the chapter and the IREM organization as a whole are following, including tax reform proposals that could impose a limit on the mortgage interest deduction and capital gains, and the repeal of deductions for state and local property taxes.

"As Apartment Boom Continues, Industry Leaders Watch for Oversupply "
Dallas Morning News - June 12, 2014
This story drew some content from the panel titled "Multifamily Boom," held as part of the National Association of Real Estate Editors' 2014 Conference in Houston. IREM President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, a member of the panel, is quoted in the story.

"Legislative Roundup 2014 "
Chicagoland Cooperator - June 2014
This article summarizes what's happening and what might happen in the Illinois legislative arena that could impact the state's condo/coop/HOA marketplace/ It features comments by IREM Member Brian Lozell, CPM, chairman of IREM Chicago Chapter's Legislative Oversight Committee, about his participation in IREM's 2014 Capitol Hill Visit Day and some of the key issues addressed during the visits,. Lozell also talks about the chapter's many state-oriented legislative initiatives, including those that relate to Illinois' Concealed Carry Act and lead paint.

"NAREE Special Report: Will Demand Keep up with Apartment Supply? "
MultiHousing News - June 13, 2014
This article contains highlights of a panel titled "Multifamily Boom," presented on June 11 as part of the National Association of Real Estate Editors' 2014 Conference in Houston, TX. IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, was one of three panelists and some of his comments are included in the article.

"Dallas High Rise Earns First IREM Certified Sustainable Property Certification "
High Rise Facilities - June 10, 2014
This article contains information highlights drawn from the IREM press release on the subject along with supplementary information about Energy Plaza.

"Choose the Medium for the Message"
National Real Estate Investor - May 23, 2014
This column, bylined by IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, emphasizes that leadership is about communication and that no talent needs more directed concentration. It underscores the importance for leaders of carefully choosing -- from among myriad available options -- the proper platform and just the right words to engage colleagues and elicit the desired reaction/response to the message being delivered.

"Avoid Property Management Mistakes"
Florida Realtor - May 21, 2014
This article presents highlights of a presentation by IREM President-elect Lori Burger, CPM, to attendees of a property management forum at the Realtor Party Convention & Trade Show Expo in Washington, DC. The focus of the presentation was on common property management mistakes, and strategies to avoid them.

"IREM Leadership Development White Paper Focuses on Techniques for Mastering Presentation Skills"
FMLink - May 19, 2014
This article talks about the availability of the new white paper, highlights it major contents, and recaps the availability of this and 8 other IREM leadership white papers.

"What is a CPM? "
Greenville Journal - April 25, 2014
This article talks about what the CPM designation is and what it means, what it takes to get it, and whether it's worth it.

"A Wake-up Call for a Shrinking World"
National Real Estate Investor - April 25, 2014 Issue
This column, bylined by IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, calls for real estate practitioners to gain an understanding of the cultural and business expectations of global investors, developers and users who will be a key to their future.

"Office Market Update"
Commercial Real Estate Show - April 17, 2014
IREM Member David Ford, CPM, a senior vice president of Transwestern, was one of the guests on this show. The show examined office market performance for the first quarter of 2014 and forecast cap rates and market performance for the reminder of the year for office properties and office Reits. Other discussion topics: new development and tenant use strategies and office management takeaways.

"Smart building projects to boom in 2018 " - April 16, 2014
In this Blogpost, IREM Immediate Past President Beth Machen, CPM, talks about the ability of smart buildings to attract top employees.

"Smart buildings are getting smarter, more user friendly" Real Estate Journal/Midwest Real Estate News - April 16, 2014
This article features extensive comments from IREM Immediate Past President Beth Machen, CPM, and Dustin Gellman, CEO of Green Per Square Foot, the company that provides the web-based platform for IREM's sustainability program. The key components of IREM Sustainability also are highlighted in the article.

"The Worst is Over, But the Best is Nowhere Near"
Realtor Magazine - April 2014
This article, drawn from a featured program at IREM's 2014 Leadership and Legislative Summit in Washington, DC, highlights views of an economist and two industry leaders on the current state of the economy and real estate and financial markets as well as informed speculation on what lies ahead.

"IREM and CCIM's Big Day on the Hill"
Property Management Bisnow - April 14, 2014
This coverage -- punched up with relevant photography -- highlights the key issues that IREM and CCIM Members took to Capitol Hill Wed., April 9, as part of IREM's 14th Annual Leadership and Legislative Summit. It also highlights the presentation to U.S. Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH) of IREM and CCIM's "Legislator of the Year" award.

"Salaries of ARM-Certified residential property managers continues to rise"
FMLink - April 9 issue
This article highlights the key findings of IREM's Profile and Compensation Study, ARM Edition 2014.

"CPM designees earn nearly twice the salary of average property managers"
FMLink - April 4 issue
This article highlights the key findings of IREM's Profile and Compensation Study, CPM Edition 2014.

"The New Age of Green: No Building Left Behind"
National Real Estate Investor - March 21 issue
This column, bylined by IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, calls for democratization of the concept and process of sustainability, making widely accessible the education and tools necessary to bring environmental and fiscal value to all properties, everywhere.

"IREM Seeks Balance Amid Projected Talent Shortfall"
AZRE (Arizona Commercial Real Estate) Magazine - March/April 2014
This article talks about what IREM as an organization is doing to promote real estate management as a career option to young professionals; how IREM is helping the Arizona chapter and its members attract and retain professional talent; and, finally, initiatives the chapter is taking to attract and support young professionals.

"IREM launches free online real estate management marketplace for products and services"
FMLink - March 17, 2014
This article talks about how the Real Estate Management Marketplace works and highlights the categories of service providers it contains.

"IREM leadership development white paper gives best practices for coaching and developing others"
FMLink - March 12, 2014
This feature article highlights the general content of the new IREM white paper as well as important reader take-aways.

"Property Managers Can Help Grow NOI, Too" - Feb. 27. 2014 issue
In this article, IREM 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM, talks about how property managers can contribute to NOI growth and help grow their clients' bottom line.

"What's it like to be a manager in a war zone? "
Real Estate Weekly - Feb. 12. 2014 issue
The complete version of this article appears in the Jan./Feb. 2014 issue of the Journal of Property Management and is excerpted here with permission from IREM.

"Hold the Line"
Commercial Property Executive - Feb. 2014 Issue
This article examines 2014 budgets earmarked to run and upgrade buildings. It features comments from IREM Member and past IREM President Reggie Mullins, CPM, and IREM Member Mez Birdie, CPM. It also draws information, with attribution, from IREM's 2013 Income/Expense Analysis  reports.

"Retail Leasing and Investment Sales 2014 "
Commercial Real Estate Show - Jan. 23, 2014
Mez Birdie, CPM, CCIM, is one of three guests on the show and discusses leasing strategies for landlords with host Michael Bull.

"The Hurry-Up Generation"
Commercial Property Executive - January 2014 Issue
This article examines what millennials in the real estate management industry value in the workplace and how supervisiors can best ensure that these employees are motivated, productive, and happy on the job. IREM Members are quoted throughout, including 2014 President Joe Greenblatt, CPM; Kent Bell, CPM; Ashley Cooper, CPM; Dee Headley, CPM; Va'Shajn Parr, CPM Candidate; and Karen Whitt, CPM.

"2014 Legislative Agenda"
Multi-Housing News - January 2014 Issue
This article looks at the key issues CRE will face in the coming year and features comments from Beth Wanless, IREM's senior manager of government affairs.

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