Executive Committee


  • Conduct the affairs of the Institute in accordance with the policies and instructions of the governing council.
  • Develop the strategic plan by selecting and prioritizing strategies and approving programs and budgets.
  • Recommend to the governing council an annual operating plan and three-year strategic plan.
  • Manage strategic plan implementation.
  • Implement strategic plan adjustments throughout the year, to take advantage of unplanned. opportunities and to adjust strategies and initiatives which are not producing the anticipated results.
  • Oversee the business management of the Institute.
  • Receive and act on the annual external audit report.


  • President
  • President-elect
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • IREM CEO as a non-voting member
  • Immediate past president
  • The Institute's representative to NAR's executive committee
  • IREM Foundation president
  • Senior vice presidents
  • At least one ARM Member
  • At-large members, as many as is necessary to result in 20 members on the executive committee, to provide a diversity of perspective and/or specialized expertise as compatible with the strategic plan. At-large members may be Associate Members, Candidates, ARM Members, or external experts provided non-IREM members shall serve without vote.

Desired qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Institute activities on a broad scale
  • Extensive real estate management experience
  • Past experience on Institute committees
  • Past experience as an Institute chapter leader
  • Specialized expertise and/or experience in any area of IREM strategic planning
  • External perspectives which will enhance strategic planning
  • Connections and/or contacts which would be of use in furthering IREM goals and programmatic outcomes
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