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Managing Conflict with Direct Reports

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Conflict in the workplace cannot be avoided. The differences among all the people and personalities within a company creates an environment tailor-made for disagreements and conflict. This is a difficult challenge for managers, and it's especially difficult when conflict occurs between managers and their direct reports. Such difficulties arise partly because of the power relationship between managers and direct reports. Extensive research conducted by CCL with both U.S. and European managers, shows that the inability to manage conflict and interpersonal relationships with direct reports is one of the major reasons for managerial career derailment. To be a successful leader, you must understand that managing conflict is one of your key priorities and develop a comprehensive strategy to address these conflicts.

This interactive course is designed for managers or team leaders who have people reporting directly to them. They may or may not have had prior conflict resolution training. After taking this course, learners will be able to use CCL's four-point conflict management process to plan and conduct a conflict resolution session with a direct report.

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1 Hour

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