CPM Capstone Track (MPSAXM, CPMEXM)

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CPM Capstone Track Overview

Quickly and efficiently complete the final steps needed to earn your CPM designation by enrolling in the CPM Capstone track.  This track is designed for CPM Candidates who need to complete their management plan requirement and take the CPM Certification Exam. The first half of the week will be spent learning the essential components of a property management plan and then demonstrating proficiency in the elements that make up a management plan by completing the “Management Plan Skills Assessment” (MPSAXM), an alternative to submitting a plan independently. The track concludes with the CPM Certification Exam.

CPM Capstone Courses and Examinations:

View the CPM Capstone Track Student Tutorial  for more information on what to expect during the offering.

Software Requirement: The MPSAXM is a laptop-based exam. You must bring a laptop with the following software in order to take the exam:

 HP10BII Financial Calculator Required: The HP10BII/HP10BII+ financial calculator or financial calculator app is required for this track. Course materials illustrate keystrokes for this calculator only. Students taking these courses are expected to have a working knowledge of the basic operations and functionality of the calculator. Students are encouraged to download the “HP10BII Financial Calculator Quick Reference Guide” and review it prior to taking this course.

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08/18/2014 - 08/22/2014
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