2017 REME Awards Submission Guidelines

REME Eligibility – Corporate REME Awards Categories

  • The REME Awards recognize companies who are engaged in real estate management of any or all asset classes – commercial, residential, or retail – and of all sizes, whether company scope is local, regional, national, or global. Any employee of a company is eligible to submit on behalf of the company.

  • Programs/initiatives do not have to be new, but features and outcomes must have current implications. (For example:  Company ABC has been doing a program for many years, but has added new features or resulted in new desirable outcomes within the January 2015 – May 2017 timeframe.)

  • Recognizing that programs/initiatives can change over time with new features and/or new outcomes, programs/initiatives submitted for REME Awards in previous years can be resubmitted in subsequent years.

  • Previous REME Award winners are not eligible to resubmit winning programs/initiatives for three years after the winning year, e.g., if a program/initiative is an award-winner in 2016, the program/initiative cannot be considered again until 2020 and must have new features and/or outcomes that are recent at the time.


Eligibility – Individual REME Awards Categories

  • Previous REME Award winners for CPM of the Year and ARM of the Year are not eligible to resubmit for three years after the winning year, e.g., if an award-winner in 2016, cannot be considered again until 2020.
  • Previous nominees and finalists for CPM of the Year and ARM of the Year are eligible for resubmission in any year.



To nominate a company or an individual for a REME Award, complete a nomination form. Once you’ve completed and submitted the nomination form, your nominee will be notified that you have nominated them for the category noted and will be asked to complete the appropriate submission form.


How to Submit

E-mail your completed submission form (submissions must be completed on this form) with any supporting attachments to REMEAwards@irem.org. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours.  If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, please contact IREM at 800-837-0706 ext. 6067 or REMEAwards@irem.org.

Corporate Awards
Employee and Leadership Development
Sustainability Programs within the Workplace Environment
Corporate and Social Responsibility
Corporate Innovation
AMO of the Year

Individual Awards
CPM of the Year
ARM of the Year


Submission Fee

For 2017, there is no fee to submit.


Finalists and Winners

Judging takes place in mid-July, and the finalists in each category will be notified in early August.   Bios and videos will be requested from all finalists and will be posted on IREM’s website.  All finalists will be publicly acknowledged through IREM’s communication channels and through the media.

All finalists will be honored and the winners announced at the REME Awards Celebration held during the  during the IREM Global Summit on October 13, 2017, in Chicago.  After this event, winners will be interviewed and publicly acknowledged through IREM’s communication channels and through the media, including feature articles in JPM, in Real Estate Management News, and IREM blog posts.


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