Academic Member Application

For U.S. and International applicants

  • Applicants must teach full-time or part-time or serve in an administrative role at a college, community college, or university
  • U.S. applicants can apply online or download a fill-in PDF of the Academic Member Application
  • International applicants can only apply by downloading a fill-in PDF of the Academic Member Application

If you have questions, please contact IREM at 800-837-0706, ext. 4650 or e-mail to

Vendors, suppliers and service providers to the real estate management industry are not eligible for membership. We welcome you to learn more about advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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Academic membership dues for the first year are based on the date that you submit your application as follows:
January - March: $100
April - June: $75
July - September: $50
October - December: $25

In subsequent years of membership, the full membership dues are $100 based on a calendar year cycle.