IREM Professional Achievement Award

Take Your Next Step...

The Professional Achievement Award is bestowed upon IREM credentialed members who have continued their professional development and made outstanding professional accomplishments beyond earning their credential. Apply today if you are looking for that next step in both your professional and your IREM career.


  • Be a credentialed member (CPM, ARM, and/or ACoM) for a minimum of 7 years.
  • Be a current practitioner.
  • Fulfill 7 of the 12 eligibility criteria as outlined on the application.
  • Submit a Professional Achievement Award application with the non-refundable application processing fee of $100.
  • Be endorsed by the local IREM Chapter.
  • Be approved by the chair and vice chair of the Membership & Credentialing Committee.

Congratulations to our Professional Achievement Award Recipients:

Mr. Floyd M. Adashek  *
Ms. Sara S. Baker  
Ms. Donna L. Barbee CPM, ARM 
Mr. Anthony J. Barker Sr ,CPM 
Mr. Malcolm W. Bates CPM 
Mr. John Michael Bennett  *
Mr. William E. Borsari CPM 
Mr. Edward H. Boudreau ,CPM 
Mr. Eugene J. Burger CPM 
Mr. R. Bruce Campbell CPM 
Mrs. Dorcas A. Cecil CPM ,ARM 
Mr. Paul T. Chubick ,CPM *
Mr. Anthony E. Ciuca CPM 
Mr. Robert O. Click CPM 
Ms. Iris M. Cochlan CPM 
Mrs. Eileen Marie Conway CPM, ARM 
Mr. Donald B. Creath CPM 
Mr. Robert D. Demson CPM 
Mr. David G. Domres CPM 
Mr. John B. Dragoo ,CPM 
Mr. Robert Eaton  
Mr. Raymond C. Frye ,CPM 
Mr. John N. Gallagher CPM 
Mr. David J. Garber CPM 
Mr. Kenneth Goodacre CPM 
Mrs. Emily Christine Goodman CPM, ARM 
Mr. Robert Stephen Griswold CPM, ARM 
Ms. Kathleen Mary Harmon CPM, ARM 
Mr. Charles R. Harty  
Mr. Jerome F. Heilbrunn  *
Ms. Barbara L. Holland ,CPM 
Mr. David Holtzman  
Mr. Perry N. Ives CPM 
Ms. Dale S. Johnson CPM 
Mr. Jamison T. Kacirk, CPM 
Mr. Robert J. Kleinman Jr. CPM 
Cdr Stanley D. Kolb Jr. USNR ,CPM 
Ms. Laurie Y. Langlois ,CPM 
Mr. Richard T. Luesing Sr.  
Ms. Joan I. Maas  *
Mr. Edward F. McBride Jr. CPM 
Mr. Michael A. McCreary CPM 
Mr. Charles F. Miller  *
Ms. M. Kristine Moore CPM 
Mr. Richard F. Muhlebach CPM 
Mr. Charles R. Nicholson  
Mr. William D. Norwell  
Mr. Michael Earl Packard ,CPM 
Ms. Rosetta E. Parker CPM 
Mr. Leroy J. Phillips ,CPM 
Mr. Ernest H. Pittman  
Mr. Robert M. Rycus  
Mr. Steven J. Savoca CPM 
Mr. Richard A. Schultz  
Mr. John Leasing Selling  
Mr. Jeremy M. Sibler  *
Mr. Michael B. Simmons CPM 
Mrs. Lori A. Tillis CPM 
Mr. John A. Warthman CPM 
Ms. Cher R. Zucker-Maltese CPM 

* Indicates recipient is deceased