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IREM Congressional In-District Program

In-District Program

IREM Congressional In-District Meetings

In a world where most communication is conducted online, it’s more important than ever to get in front of federal legislators to share information and let them know how we feel about the policies they make on Capitol Hill.

The IREM Congressional In-District Program can help us connect with Members of Congress at home.

Feedback from IREM members who have already conducted meetings with their Members of Congress has consistently shown federal legislators are not fully aware of the impact of ADA drive-by lawsuit abuse, and how critical 1031 like-kind exchanges are to the real estate industry and greater American economy.

Thank you to those of you who have already contributed to making our advocacy efforts successful by participating in a Congressional In-District Meeting.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to meet with your Members of Congress, it is not too late. It is imperative IREM Members meet with their federal legislators year-round to keep the message fresh and relationships strong.

Learn more about the IREM Congressional In-District meetings

Getting Started

Know Your Federal Legislators
Find out who your Federal Elected Officials are and get their contact information.

How to Request a Meeting
Call the legislator's office and ask for their scheduler’s email address. Email their scheduler and ask to meet with the legislator in their district office. Learn how to set up a meeting here.

Let IREM Know About Your Meeting
Let us know if you have a meeting. Submit the meeting details as soon as they are finalized. You can resubmit information if any details change.

Check out the resources below on how to make your meeting a success.

Already have a meeting scheduled? Let us know

The Issues

1031 Like-Kind Exchanges
1031 like-kind exchanges are used by real estate investors of all shapes and sizes. Many small businesses and young investors use like-kind exchanges to help build their portfolio and get started in the real estate industry.

American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) Drive-By Lawsuit Abuse
Unscrupulous attorneys around the country have been exploiting a loophole in the ADA to collect fees from businesses without property owner having the opportunity to remedy the violation. By creating a “notice and cure” provision, property owners will have 120 days to remove any barriers to access before a lawsuit can move forward.

Meeting Resources

How to Have a Successful Meeting
Learn how to effectively advocate for your industry.

You probably have some questions about your meetings. The FAQs page will answer everything you wanted to know about the IREM Congressional In-District meetings.

2017 Issue Brief
Know the issues! Not only will you educate your federal legislator on IREM, you can also discuss timely issues. Policy-making can happen quickly, so be sure to check this document often as it may be revised to include new information.

Leave Behind (Print this off before your meeting!)
Print out this leave-behind to give your Member of Congress when you have a meeting. It reiterates what you discussed and reminds the legislator how you feel about a certain issue.

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