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Spring 2013

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The Institute of Real Estate Management has been the source for education, resources, information and membership for real estate management professionals for 75 years. An affiliate of the National Association of Realtors, IREM is the only professional real estate management association serving both the multi-family and commercial real estate sectors.

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The holidays are over and the New Year brings opportunities to learn and advance in your career.  If you don’t graduate this spring and don’t have a summer internship lined up, start searching for companies and send out resumes.  One place to look is the IREM website where you can find a listing of management companies in the Accredited Management Organization (AMO) directory.  IREM has more than 500 AMO firms with more than 1,000 offices worldwide. 

For those who are IREM Student Members, make sure to include your IREM membership on your resume.  This could get your foot in the door with one of our AMOs.

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IREM launched a writing competition for college and university real estate students and faculty to encourage excellence and promote scholarship in the field of real estate property and asset management.  The winners of the two competitions will be honored at IREM’s Awards Program in Washington, DC, during the Leadership and Legislative Summit April 6-10.  Here are the winners:


Student Writing Competition Winner
Nick Gonzalves
Brigham Young University
Degree: Facility and Property Management

Nick will receive a cash reward of $500, a recognition plaque, and paid expenses to attend IREM’s Leadership and Legislative Summit.

Faculty Article Competition Winner
Dr. Michael LaCour-Little
Professor of Finance & Director Real Estate and Land Use Institute
Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
California State University–Fullerton

Dr. LaCour-Little will receive a cash reward of $1,000, a recognition plaque, and paid expenses to attend IREM’s Leadership and Legislative Summit

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Panel of Real Estate Management Professionals

  • Chris Cockerham, CPM
    VP Commercial Real Estate, CFC Properties
  • Jerry Collins, CPM
    President, Flaherty & Collins
  • Melissa Day, CPM
    VP, Principle, Cassidy Turley
  • Alex Jackiw, CPM
    VP& Managing Director Residential Properties, McKinley Properties

A panel of elite real estate management professionals shared career strategies with students when IREM Indianapolis Chapter No. 24 hosted its Take Our Future to Lunch program.  The annual event incorporates a career fair, learning session, and opportunities for students to meet with professionals in the local region during lunch.

The panelists gave this advice to students who soon will be looking for a job as well as others seeking to advance in their careers:

Good Habits to Develop

  • Always look for opportunities outside of your role
  • Think outside the box
  • Be open to learning more

Hard Skills and Intangible Skills
Having solid hard skills may get you an interview and maybe even get you the job, but intangible skills will help you keep the job.  Here are some hard skills and soft skills you need to be successful in the real estate management industry:

Hard Skills

Soft Skills

  • Writing
  • Adaptability
  • Math
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Reading
  • Communication Skills
  • Technology
  • Conflict Resolution


College Degree and Experience
Although working from the ground up may have been the way to advance in years past, more and more companies are making it a college degree and some work experience a standard requirement.  Having a degree in a relevant field plus solid experience can dramatically increase the odds of getting a job.  Students who don’t have fulltime real-world experience can benefit by getting an internship or working part-time.  

Getting That First Good Job
As you start your career, take advantage of all your experience opportunities. They will make you who you are in the future.  Your first job might not be your ideal job, but when the time comes for your dream job, all past experiences will come together to make you the most qualified.

Join an Association
Networking and creating professional relationships will help you advance in your career.  Associations are also a great resource where you can ask members questions.

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Leaving a great impression with an interviewer can be difficult when there are several candidates going for the same position.  Prepare yourself by considering these seven ways you can leave a lasting impression from

  1. Have a strong introduction
    • Introduce yourself with confidence and show genuine interest about working for the company.
  2. Treat your interview like a real conversation
    • Engage your interviewer by finding a balance between how you’d speak to a friend and how you’d talk to a boss.
  3. Speak with energy
    • Use your voice and body language to show that you’re excited about the job.
  4. Give direct answers
    • Make sure your responses stay on point and highlight why you’re the ideal candidate.
  5. Relate your answers to the job description
    • The company’s job description is a cheat sheet.  Match your experience and skills with the job description to focus your responses to the company needs.
  6. Do your research
    • Explore the company’s website and read their “About Us” page at the least.  Being well-prepared will lead to a more insightful and fun.
  7. Stand out from the crowd
    • Share something unique about yourself.  You will be the interesting candidate that sticks out for all the right reasons. 
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NEW IREM Tutorial!

EnergyWaterConservationExpand you knowledge with IREM’s Energy and Water Conservation Tutorial.  This four minute Tutorial provides an informative snapshot of sustainable practices that real estate management professionals can use to increase building efficiency. 


Check out other IREM Tutorials @

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April 6-10, 2013
Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington, DC

Join IREM at the Omni Shoreham Hotel and be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Here are some things happening at the summit:

Networking Opportunities:

  • Informational Interview Opportunities: Meet one-on-one with real estate management professionals throughout the US.
  • IREM Shared Interest Communities (SICs): Talk to professionals working in specialized areas of the real estate management industry. Join a SIC on Linkedin before meeting face-to-face at the summit.

  • Regional Dinners: Have dinner with professionals in your local area.

Governance & Education Sessions:

  • General Session and Keynote Speaker: Hear about industry issues and learn leadership skills that will give you a competitive edge.
  • Student and Academic Outreach Advisory Board: Sit in on an advisory board meeting that addresses ways to increase student involvement and promotes careers in real estate management.
  • Women in Real Estate Management Changing the World: Hear from enterprising women in an inspiring forum that will ignite your creativity, energize your spirit, and expand your vision.

Field Trips:

  • The Total CSI Experience at the Crime Museum: Join members for a private, interactive experience that will put you front and center in a murder case.  Paired up with a forensic specialist, you will examine a crime scene, hunt for clues, and identify various types of evidence.
  • Capitol Hill Visit Day: Meet with U.S. Congressional members and lobby on important industry issues on the hill.

Full-time student registration is only $50!

Visit for a full schedule and to register.

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Digital JPM

It's mobile, fully searchable and only a click away. Available in easy-to-use online, iPhone, iPad and Android formats, you'll find the new digital JPM as convenient as it is informative.


     New January / February Issue:

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IREM develops relationships with colleges and universities in an effort to make real estate management a career of choice among students and others entering the workplace – connecting with colleges and universities in multiple ways.  Here’s some recent news from several of these institutions:


CornellUnivIREM and Cornell University’s Baker Program in Real Estate recently signed an agreement to further common goals of advancing the profession of real estate management through education and encourage interest in real estate management as a career opportunity. Last year the program received a gift of $11 million from Hudson’s Bay Company to provide students with opportunities to have a career in real estate. Recently, all students in the program have become IREM Student Members. For more information on the Baker Program in Real Estate, click here.

Baker Program in Real Estate Overview

StoutUnivUniversity of Wisconsin – Stout (UW-Stout) recently received a gift of $1 million from Weidner Apartment Homes to increase awareness of the program, increase the quality of courses, and provide scholarships to students.  As one of the only property management programs educating their students on all property types, the program provides a comprehensive and challenging academic experience that prepares students to become leaders in the property management profession.  For more information on UW-Stouts Property Management program, click here.

University of Wisconsin – Stout Property Management Program Overview

Check out other schools at IREM Academic Connections 

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IREM’s student community has grown by 74 since December 2012. Coming from 14 colleges and universities, here are the new student members.

IREM Student Members

Vivek Agarwal - Cornell University
Nana Akowuah - Cornell University
Scott M. Anderson - University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Soo Hyun Baik - Cornell University
Ryan Bandy - Cornell University
Adrian Beach - University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Shannon L. Belzner - University of Baltimore
Hamza Bennani - Cornell University
Ashley Broderick - Cornell University
Sandeep Chadha - Cornell University
Josh H. Chang - Cornell University
Alex Choe - Cornell University
Christian Coleman Duran - California Lutheran University
Jessica Coulson - Cornell University
Evan Doran - Cornell University
Shawn Duggal - Cornell University
Ricardo Escudero - Cornell University
Jordan Estevez - Cornell University
Adam Falcheck - Cornell University
Janice Freeman - Texas A&M
Joao Freire - Cornell University
David M. Goodman - Trinity College
Rebecca H. Green - Cornell University
Dionne L. Griffin - University of Minnesota
Pamela Griner - University of Baltimore
Rodney C. Harris - Cornell University
Brian A. Hollan - University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Sungjun Hong - Cornell University
Eitan S. Horwitz - Cornell University
Sung Hur - Cornell University
Philip Hy - Cornell University
Syed Hyat - Cornell University
Anastasia Ilyasova - Cornell University
Jiali Jiang - Cornell University
CJ Kodani - Cornell University
Matt Kozlowski - Cornell University
Kelly Krohn - Marylhurst University

Manoj Kumar - Cornell University
Jaesok  Lee - Cornell University
Jaeho  Lee - Cornell University
Matthew Legge - Cornell University
Kan Li - Cornell University
Timothy Z. Lin - Cornell University
Rick Lu - Cornell University
Mallory D. Meissner - University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Matt J. Michetti - Cornell University
Gregory J. Miller - Cornell University
Khari Myers - Medaille College
Nick Noyes - Cornell University
Osvaldo M. Ochoa - Florida International University
Jereme G. Oliver - University of Baltimore
Chutinart Ongkosit - Cornell University
Jonghoon Park - Cornell University
Matt Parks - Western Michigan University
Jason A. Patch - Cornell University
Hamid R. Pezeshkian - Cornell University
Nikolay Ratajczak - University of Baltimore
Kyle Reardon - Cornell University
George P. Rice - University of Baltimore
Pierre Rigaud - Cornell University
Silvana Santos - Mercy College
Kanika Saxena - Cornell University
Evan A. Smith - Cornell University
Evan D. Szczepanski - University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Patrick A. Tierney - University of Wisconsin - Stout
Stephen M. Vilsack - University of Baltimore
Jeff Waychoff - Regis University
Stuart Wilson - Cornell University
Crystal Wilson - Cornell University
Lian Yi - Cornell University
Andrew Zak - Cornell University
Xiaoxu Zhang - Cornell University
Xuesong Zhao - Cornell University
Victoria Zoghbi - Cornell University

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