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Advancing Your Career with the ARM Certification

March 17, 2016 | IREM Staff

2015 REME Award Winner Spotlight

Duane Komine, ARM, was awarded the 2015 IREM REME Award for ARM of the Year. We interviewed him about IREM's role in his career.

Duane Komine

IREM: How has achieving the ARM certification helped your career?

The ARM certification has advanced my career by providing me with the education and tools needed to be a successful manager. Property management is a perpetually changing industry. Boards rely on managers to maintain high standards and adapt to new technologies. As an ARM, I have access to IREM’s vast resources and employers recognize they can depend on me.

IREM: Has the ARM made your career more profitable?

Employers are confident I have the necessary skills and knowledge to manage high-end high rises, which is due – not only to years of experience – but by having the ARM certification. In return, I am able to negotiate a salary reflective of the time and effort I have invested in being an ARM and a member of IREM.

IREM: What advice would you give up-and-coming professionals who are considering applying for the ARM?

I would advise professionals intending to pursue a career in property management to obtain their ARM certification as soon as possible to give them more employment opportunities. Candidates should also consider shadowing an experienced manager and finding a mentor to assist them as they begin their careers.

IREM: How has IREM® played a role in your career and personal life

IREM has played a huge role in my career and personal life for the past 28 years. First, I have served on the Hawaii Chapter’s Executive Committee and the IREM Executive Board, which has enabled me to build relationships with peers, vendors, and community leaders. These relationships foster the sharing of knowledge and build valuable connections that assist me in my daily responsibilities. This is especially true of an insulated community like Oahu where reputation and experience are valued. Having an ARM certification has enabled me to manage high-end condominiums that provide a residential apartment as part of the benefit package. Recently I was honored with the inaugural 2015 REME Award for ARM of the Year. The outpouring of support from my family, peers, and community has been tremendous. I hope to use this award to further the recognition of the ARM certification in Hawaii and to encourage managers to become certified and participate in IREM.

IREM: What qualities make a successful real estate management professional?

The qualities that make someone a successful ARM are the ability to adapt to different situations and make quick decisions during emergencies. Also, the capacity to listen to people and address their needs in a timely and efficient manner and a strong leader who can effectively manage employees, residents, Boards, and vendors. The ARM professional needs to be able to make the hard decisions while simultaneously dealing with many different personalities.

Watch a video from Duane Komine, ARM. Learn more about the Real Estate Management Excellence Awards. 2016 REME Award submissions are now being accepted!

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