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Bentall Kennedy’s Sustainability Strategy Is Simply Better Business

May 20, 2016 | IREM Staff

REME Award Winner Spotlight

Sustainability is one of Bentall Kennedy’s core values. Its REME Award-winning ForeverGreen Strategy demonstrates exemplary practices in sustainability, including managing waste streams. These initiatives also enhance the reputation of the real estate industry by raising the bar on data reporting from waste service providers. Since 2010, waste to landfill from participating Bentall Kennedy properties has decreased by seven percent while waste diversion rates have increased.

Repurposing Infected Trees
Bentall Kennedy discovered that emerald ash borer &mdash: a beetle hazardous to ash trees — had moved onto several of its properties. An innovative solution by a waste service provider enabled the organization to reduce its environmental impact, while also contributing to the community. The provider processed trees into valuable wood products onsite, then delivered the products to suppliers for distribution to the local marketplace. As a result, more than 95 percent of damaged trees were diverted from the landfill, creating almost 6,000 pounds of lumber and encouraging more properties and municipalities to consider this alternative. Because milling is done onsite, there are also no transportation costs or emissions.

Infected Tree B-K 

Infected ash tree repurposing at Carlson Court

Engaging Shoppers – E-Waste Retail Challenge
Bentall Kennedy retail teams in Canada launched the National E-Waste Challenge during Earth Week. Twenty-one shopping centers across Canada participated to keep landfills free of computers, televisions, and other electronic devices. In one day, 182,084 pounds of e-waste was diverted from landfills and carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 253,805 pounds.

e-waste drop off 

Bentall Kennedy electronic waste collection at Cloverdale Mall

Reducing Its Coffee Footprint
Two of Bentall Kennedy’s Ontario malls were the first shopping centers in Canada to launch the Grounds to Garden program, designed to erase the properties’ "coffee footprint" by turning used coffee grounds into a sustainable potting soil.

Recycling Cigarette Butts
At a single-tenant suburban office property in Mississauga, the property management team began recycling cigarette butts. When cigarette collection bins are emptied, the contents are shipped to a processing company and are made into new products. After only six months, the property is now shipping out a box of butts every three weeks and has sent 195 pounds, or an eye-opening 266,000 butts, to be recycled.

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Jessi Narducci is the Corporate Communications Manager at IREM headquarters in Chicago. She also oversees Media and Public Relations. Contact for press or media inquiries.

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