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AMO Accredited Management Organization®(AMO®)

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The Accredited Management Organization accreditation is the only recognition of excellence given to real estate management firms, and the requirements are now more relevant than ever to real estate managers, their clients, and the assets they manage. To earn the AMO accreditation, real estate management firms must now meet even more standards and abide by a new AMO Code of Professional Ethics - all based on Best Practices: Real Estate Management Service. These best practices provide a reasonable framework for the professional delivery of real estate management services meaning AMO Firms can demonstrate to investors and clients that they don’t just meet the industry standards... they set them.

Join the 537 AMO firms, with more than 1,100 offices worldwide, that hold this distinguished accreditation. Being an AMO now means more than ever.

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Checklist for Becoming a AMO Firm
Business Stability and Fiscal Responsibility:
  • Demonstrate business and financial stability by having been in business for at least three years, all of which is verified by an independent credit check.
Executive CPM:
  • Have a CPM in an executive position who directs and supervises the firm’s real estate management activities..
Education - (must be completed by the Executive CPM)
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Option 2.
Insurance coverage:
  • Hold a required amount of depositor’s forgery and alterations coverage and a fidelity bond.

Other Requirements:

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