Step 2: Qualify


After the AMO® courses has been completed (see Step 1) you’re ready to apply for your AMO accreditation.

Firms outside the US must use a separate application


Verify firm stability

Your firm must have been in business for at least three years, without more than one name or ownership change during that time.* This information will be confirmed via an independent credit check when you submit your application. You will also submit letters of reference from clients and business associates.

* Firms may be eligible despite an ownership change. Review details about this requirement in the AMO Application.

Verify insurance coverage

Your firm needs two types of insurance:

  • Fidelity insurance covering management and owners for at least 10% of the firm’s gross monthly collections (subject to a minimum bond of $10,000 and a maximum bond of $500,000).*
  • Depositor’s forgery and alterations insurance for a minimum of $25,000.*

Certain other guidelines must be met and verified by your firm’s insurance agent regarding the bonding carrier’s rating, discovery terms and endorsements. When you apply, you’ll provide a certificate of insurance and agent contact information to verify these details.

* Deductibles on these coverages are not to exceed $5,000 or 5%, whichever is greater.

Verify the firm’s operating standards and functions

Verify that your firm meets at least 18 of 28 functions in managing properties, including emergency preparedness planning, adequate staffing, financial policies, and more. Make sure your firm will meet these functions before you apply.

Complete your AMO application

Download and complete the AMO application. Be sure to include your $425 non-refundable application fee.

Step 3: Certify

Proceed to Step 3: Certify
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