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Trends in Real Estate Management – Hear from Top Executives

Two top real estate management executives, Karen Whitt, CPM, of Colliers International and Fred Tuomi, of Equity Residential, share their views on what the multifamily and commercial property management industry can look forward to in 2013 and beyond.

Changing market demographics, evolving consumer demands and new economic realities will continue to require new approaches to developing and operating real estate. More than ever, companies must respond to these shifting conditions – to look ahead and put themselves in a position to seize the opportunities presented by the “new normal”.

Trends and Issues Affecting Real Estate Management (video)
What’s the International Market/Economic Outlook for Real Estate (video)
What are the Biggest Challenges Facing the Industry (video)

Karen and Fred describe the competencies and abilities they look for when hiring new employees.

What Real Estate Management Firms are Looking for when Hiring (video)

They also provide insight into what owners and investors want from a property management company, and the skills, knowledge and abilities that property managers will need to succeed in facing the challenges ahead.

What Owners and Investors are Looking for when Selecting a Property Management Company (video)

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These videos cover all sectors of the industry, including apartments, office buildings, and retail. Whether you are a property manager, an owners/investor, a vendor to the industry, or you are an office building tenant or an apartment resident -- you will find the discussion both interesting and thought-provoking.