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Accelerate your expertise with an IREM Skill Badge. Today!

IREM Skill Badges are resumé-building courses that advance your career. Get the specialized skills for all property management staff (leasing, maintenance, accounting, etc.) without the time commitment or years of experience and portfolio requirements of an IREM certification program. With a Skill Badge, you can:

  • Learn the core competencies you need to excel in your day-to-day work
  • Stay current with industry trends to stand out in your company and enhance your career
  • Broaden your credibility and your personal brand with a digital badge to add to your social media, email signatures, and anywhere you have a digital footprint
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of your team with low-cost, high-value Skill Badges for $29-$99. Ask about group discounts to enroll multiple staff

Sign up for one or more Skill Badges and start to stand out:

  • New! IREM Skill Badge: Customer Service & Loyalty

    New! IREM Skill Badge: Customer Service & Loyalty

    Learn best practices in customer service–how to create an optimal customer experience, when and how to ask for feedback, and how to best respond to complaints. Also, how to use data to enhance the experience and how to create a culture of community-building. All of these insights can lead to increased retention, higher satisfaction levels, and less turnover. In the end, you’ll come away with ideas that generate financial success for the resident, your firm, and the owner/investor. All for $29.

    After taking the course and passing the exam, you’ll earn the IREM Skill Badge: Customer Service and Renter Loyalty Skill Badge to:

    • Leverage the impact of renter loyalty
    • Think of new ways to increase renter loyalty
    • Develop strategies to transform renters to residents
    • Leverage best practices for exceptional customer service
    • Present the benefits of resident resources to succeed financially


  • IREM Skill Badge: Asset Management – Loan Analysis

    IREM Skill Badge: Asset Management – Loan Analysis

    Learn how to analyze and evaluate property finance—only better. You’ll walk away from this Skill Badge with the practical knowledge to calculate effective interest rates, lender ratios, break-even analysis, and more when sizing up different lending options.

    So if new purchases, cap ex improvements, and remodeling are part of your portfolio’s future, you’re going to want to learn how to become brilliant at lending analysis. Giving advice to clients on which loan product, fee structure, and terms can make all the difference in growing NOI and return on equity. This Skill Badge will help you pencil out the best lending options to succeed long-term.

    Earn IREM’s Skill Badge: Asset Management – Loan Analysis and you will:

    1. Explore different loan structures and fees
    2. Learn how to do proper loan calculations
    3. Be more adept at loan analysis
    4. Reap the benefits of the time value of money
    5. Leverage the IREM Financial Analysis Spreadsheet


  • IREM Skill Badge: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

    IREM Skill Badge: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

    ESG—great for properties. And your business. Learn the principles of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in real estate management with the IREM Skill Badge: ESG. You’ll explore their purpose, benefits, and applications to steward your people and your properties. You’ll learn how ESG initiatives can enhance building operations, how to develop an ESG platform, and how to gain buy-in from key stakeholders. With this Skill Badge, you will explore the possibilities of ESG programs and how they can improve your properties. Only $99

    With the IREM ESG Skill Badge you will:

    1. Explore the goals and benefits of ESG initiatives
    2. Learn about ESG trends and opportunities in real estate
    3. Determine how to create an integrated ESG platform
    4. Identify ways of putting ESG strategies into action
    5. Understand ESG data, reporting, and transparency
    6. Learn best practices from a case study


    Learn more about this skill badge with our printable info sheet

  • IREM Skill Badge: Building Technology

    IREM Skill Badge: Building Technology

    Buildings run better with technology. Introducing IREM’s new Skill Badge: Building Technology. You’ll learn how technology can increase your team's productivity and elevate the resident and tenant experience. Building technology solves problems. Before they become problems. Learn how technology can scale from a single building to the entire asset portfolio. You don’t have to be a cybersecurity expert. But you’ll understand how to avoid data vulnerabilities. After all, data drives the property. Get in the driver’s seat.

    Earn IREM’s Skill Badge: Building Technology and advance your skills to:

    1. Streamline operations with technology
    2. Enhance the resident-tenant experience
    3. Test and secure tech solutions
    4. Achieve single building & portfolio objectives
    5. Ensure cybersecurity and reduce risk


    Learn more about this skill badge with our printable info sheet

  • Fair Housing Skill Badge

    Fair Housing Skill Badge

    Fair Housing is for everyone. With fair housing touching all aspects of property operations, today’s property managers need consistent, clear policies related to Fair Housing. IREM’s newest Skill Badge in Fair Housing will provide real-life scenarios to enhance property operations and reduce risk to ownership and management. You’ll gain the skills necessary to grow your career, safeguard your property, and serve your residents. All for $29.

    With the Fair Housing Skill Badge you’ll learn how to:

    • Adhere to Fair Housing laws
    • State federal & local protected classes
    • Enhance property operations and the resident life cycle
    • Analyze real-life scenarios and potential Fair Housing issues
    • Determine the best course of action to remain in compliance
  • IREM Skill Badge: Building DEI

    IREM Skill Badge: Building DEI

    DEI opens doors. Elevate your property and empower your career with best practices in diversity, equity, and inclusion by earning the new IREM® Skill Badge: Building DEI. For $29, you can invite the entire team. At IREM we believe that our differences unite us. Learn how internal systems, processes, and procedures contribute to an environment where DEI initiatives succeed, and your property thrives.

    Building DEI will help you and your team:

    • Learn the five critical components of diversity
    • Apply best practices for building equity
    • Identify strategies to achieve greater inclusion
    • Incorporate DEI into policies and procedures
    • Build DEI into advancing your property


    Learn more about this skill badge with our printable info sheet

  • IREM Skill Badge: Budgeting and Accounting

    IREM Skill Badge: Budgeting and Accounting

    Own your numbers. If you want to maximize net rent revenue, reduce operating expenses, and raise net operating income (NOI), then Budgeting and Accounting is your skill badge. Sharpen your skills and learn how to create budgets, identify opportunities to increase cash flow, and report on the health of the asset.

    Budgeting and Accounting Skill Badge advances your property and your team:

    • Achieve ownership goals in your market
    • Learn fundamental accounting principles
    • Acquire financial reporting skills
    • Understand budget and cash flow elements
    • Leverage best practices in forecasting and analysis


    Learn more about this skill badge with our printable info sheet

  • Marketing Skill Badge

    Marketing Skill Badge

    Marketing is a real estate management tool that helps you position your property to succeed in your marketplace by effectively attracting and retaining residents and tenants. Learn marketing strategies for all property type – commercial and residential – and build your competencies to help your property flourish.

    With the Marketing Skill Badge you’ll learn:

    • Economics of marketing and leasing
    • Analyzing the market
    • Setting rents
    • Marketing strategies, trends, and social media
  • Leasing Skill Badge

    Leasing Skill Badge

    With more and more offices vacating their spaces and residents in major cities relocating to the suburbs, property management professionals need skills to enhance leasing efforts to attract residents and tenants. IREM’s Skill Badge in Leasing will teach you key leasing strategies for all property types – commercial and residential – so that you can gain verified expertise in this important area.

    With the Leasing Skill Badge you’ll learn:

    • Leasing strategies and procedures
    • Understanding and negotiating the lease
    • Managing resident and tenant relations
  • Maintenance and Risk Management Skill Badge

    Maintenance and Risk Management Skill Badge

    Real estate managers know that a good maintenance team is invaluable and that skilled maintenance professionals can be hard to find.

    IREM offers a Maintenance and Risk Management Skill Badge to help real estate managers:

    • ensure that their maintenance staff has the skills needed for effective building management
    • gain the knowledge and training needed to help reduce loss and preserve the owner’s investment.
  • Managing Distressed Properties Skill Badge

    Managing Distressed Properties Skill Badge

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many real estate management professionals to deal with distressed properties that are a financial burden and potentially unattractive to prospective renters and buyers.

    IREM’s Managing Distressed Properties (CRTMDP) course provides solutions and guidance for common situations encountered and best practices to employ when dealing with distressed properties.

    It will also help you and your team:

    • Analyze and identify elements of distressed properties, their potential owners, and the manager’s role
    • Prioritize issues, and develop and implement an effective management plan
    • Determine strategies to reposition distressed properties
    • Develop an exit strategy

    Learn more about this skill badge with our printable info sheet

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