Recorded Webinars

Finance and Asset Management Solutions: How You Can Impact Value

The financial markets are improving and many property owners are looking to refinance their debt.  Other owners are considering sale.  In this webinar, Fred Prassas, CPM, will share insights on how property managers can analyze how their decisions can impact the value of a property. 

Topics include:
- Review of valuation techniques (income capitalization and discounted cash flow)
- Finding CAP rates and discount rates
- Restructuring operating statements for valuation analysis
- Analyzing alternative scenarios
- Working lenders
- Working with real estate appraisers
- Working with commercial brokers

Webinar date: 9/26/13


Using IREM Data to Gain a Competitive Edge

IREM’s Income/Expense Analysis® data can help you gain an edge over your competition. Get the scoop directly from professionals like you, who use the data to help them make better business decisions. Listen to case studies that you can apply to your business immediately, and learn about the types of properties and reports that are featured in the five Income/Expense Analysis publications.

Understand the value of benchmarking and using historical trends – and learn why comparing your properties to the competition can help you turn data into dollars.

Webinar date: 9/19/13


Everybody’s Got CAM: How to Sail Through CAM Season

Do you want to sail through CAM season like a pro? Join the second webinar in our series on CAM for battle-tested tips!  Knowing your way around CAM can be your company secret weapon!


Greening Smaller Buildings

The average building in the United States is over forty years old and is less than 50,000 square feet. While many newer, larger, higher-end buildings have made recent strides to improve efficiency in recent years, the biggest opportunities lie in smaller buildings.

In this IREM webinar, you will learn how to approach energy management and sustainability -- specifically for smaller buildings:
- Assess your building by creating an online profile and obtaining a benchmarking score
- Hone in on the most common ways to save money and capture financial incentives from governments and utilities
- Obtain buy-in from tenants and owners to make improvements
- Have local solutions providers compete to drive increased cost savings and transparency

Webinar date: 8/20/13


Leadership Development: Effective Communication

The most common competency listed for virtually all job descriptions is good communication. It's not surprising, then, to find that is was ranked the second most important competency for real estate management professionals. While the ability to effectively communicate with others is critically important, it is one of the toughest skills to master—especially since the meaning of any communication is determined by the person receiving it and not the person giving it. As a result, the same message can have a different meaning to different people. Have you ever sat in a meeting and then talked to someone afterwards who had an entirely different interpretation of what happened in the same meeting? The third in a series on leadership, this webinar will explain how property managers can become effective communicators and better leaders.

Join Ron Gjerde, IREM Vice President, Knowledge Center, as he discusses:

- The three basic rules for making any communication more effective
- How to craft the message to achieve your communication objectives
- Communication barriers to avoid
- How to be a better listener
- How emotional intelligence (EQ) impacts communication
- Specific actions you can take to be a better communicator

Webinar date: 8/14/13


Finance and Asset Management Solutions: Get Organized for the 2014 Budget Season

Getting organized for 2014 budget season? Real estate managers today are more than property overseers who must manage the day-to-day operations of their clients’ properties - they are often asset managers.  If you are gearing up for the 2014 budget season, then please join Fred Prassas, CPM, as he shares insights on how to budget, forecast, and analyze cash flow.

Topics include:
- using IREM's budget tools 
- establishing baselines
- forecasting
- making capital improvements work for you

Webinar date: 7/9/13


Energy Benchmarking Mandates: Where We Are and Where We’re Headed

In the past three years, nearly one dozen major cities -- including New York, DC, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and others -- have passed mandatory energy disclosure legislation. Beyond the bellwethers, three dozen additional cities are now poised to follow suit.
The impact for building owners and managers is significant: in the coming years, prospective tenants and buyers will have mandatory access to building performance data that provides a clearer picture of a building's operating cost and asset value.

In this webinar, you will learn:
- Which markets have enacted energy benchmarking laws (or are in the process of doing so)
- What your building can do to comply with or proactively prepare for pending legislation -- for minimal time and cost
- Benefits from and next steps to obtain an energy benchmark -- regardless of whether your building is required to disclose the results
- How the new 2013 version of Portfolio Manager (Energy Star) benchmarking system will impact your building's benchmarking efforts

Webinar date: 7/16/13