New! IREM webinar subscriptions

    Get unlimited access* to over 100 live webinars each year to expand your property management knowledge and skills. Topics range from industry best practices to the most pressing issues facing real estate managers today.

    Choose a subscription plan that fits you and where you’re going

    Our new subscriptions offer flexibility and savings. Choose a monthly or annual plan and get unlimited access to IREM’s live webinars during the subscription period.

    Select your subscription

    Member pricing (auto-renew):

    • Annual subscription: $199/year
    • Monthly subscription: $49/month

    Regular pricing (auto-renew)

    • Annual subscription: $349/year
    • Monthly subscription: $89/month


    New to IREM webinars? The monthly plan is a great way to sample multiple webinars over a 30-day period, for less than the cost of one webinar.

    Already know you’ll attend at least 4 webinars per year? The annual plan will give you the most value for your money.

    Subscribers on either plan will save more money than buying one webinar at a time.

    What do you get from a webinar subscription?

    • Attend any (or all!) live online webinars available within your subscription period
    • Subscriptions can start on any day you choose and will auto-renew each month or year
    • Start attending webinars on the day you sign up
    • All webinars feature professional speakers and real-world property management experts
    • Quality programming is continually produced, giving subscribers on-going access to the most up-to-date knowledge
    • Can’t attend the live webinar? Access recordings for 30 days following the live broadcast

    Important information

    • Webinar subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Your subscription will auto-renew each month or year. You can cancel at any time.
    • Two ways to register for webinars under your subscription:
      •  Browse the catalog and add the webinars you’d like to attend to your cart. At checkout, webinars will appear for $0.
      • Visit your subscriptions page in myIREM (under ‘My account’) to easily add webinars to your list.
    • All webinars will appear in your IREM Learning Dashboard upon checkout or adding to your lists

    Select your subscription

    Have questions? Contact us at or (800) 837-0706.

    Need to cancel? Call IREM HQ at (800) 837-0706.

    Want to purchase webinar subscriptions for multiple people? Contact us about enterprise subscription pricing at

    * Unlimited access is only applicable within your subscription period. Monthly subscribers can only access webinars within the 30-day period that month covers.

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