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Managing and Leasing Commercial Properties Third Edition

Non-member: $149.00
Member: $119.00

Principles of Real Estate Management, 18th Edition

Non-member: $74.99
Member: $59.99

Glossary of Real Estate Management Terms - 2nd edition

Non-member: $24.99
Member: $19.99

Practical Apartment Management, 7th Edition

Non-member: $74.95
Member: $59.95

Shopping Center Management and Leasing, Second Edition

Non-member: $74.95
Member: $59.95

Sample Property Management Agreement

Non-member: $100.00
Member: $25.00

Field Guide for Practical Apartment Management

Non-member: $59.95
Member: $47.95

Marketing and Leasing: Retail

Non-member: $29.95
Member: $23.95

Marketing and Leasing: Office Buildings

Non-member: $29.95
Member: $23.95

Sample Management Agreements Package

Non-member: $500.00
Member: $125.00
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