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IREM Helps You Prepare for Anything
"I got lots of thanks from tenants and clients today for being prepared for this weather emergency. What did my CPM training do for me? Proper planning prevents poor performance". -- Dawn Carpenter, CPM, New York, NY

Finding Your Niche
A new course from IREM! Looking to expand your market or bring in supplemental income? "Finding Your Niche" explores several types of non-traditional properties.

Legislative Victory
The U.S. House and Senate came together and quickly worked to get the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015 approved.

Center for Creative Leadership
Expand your leadership skills with a dynamic set of self-paced online courses in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership


January is National Mentoring Month
Mentoring provides significant benefits to real estate management organizations, by offering leadership opportunities, bridging generation gaps, and promoting employee engagement.

Toward Better Leadership
Proper leadership is not about advancement for advancement's sake. IREM 2015 President Lori Burger, CPM, talks about her embrace of the concept of servant leadership.

The Power of Uniqueness
In a world where capital is footloose, if you can’t differentiate one community from another, you will have no competitive advantage. How can property managers distinguish their properties?

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Compliance Specialist
21st Century Personnel, LLC - Waukegan, IL

Director of Properties
Delta Delta Delta - Arlington, TX

Property Manager
21st Century Personnel - Waukegan, IL

Real Estate Manager - Dallas, TX

Leasing Specialist
21st Century Personnel, LLC - Waukegan, IL

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IREM Sustainability Program
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A free platform for you to:

  • Assess your property’s efficiency, improve performance, and increase value
  • Find cash incentives to improve sustainability on your property
  • Measure your utility usage against benchmarks
  • Connect with qualified solutions providers
  • Be indispensible to your owner and employer

Getting Started Guide

Earn the IREM Certified Sustainable Property certification

Find IREM Certified Sustainable Properties

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Cut through the clutter of search engine results with our Real Estate Management Marketplace. A robust digital buyer’s guide, the Marketplace enables targeted searches for industry-related products and services using either a keyword search or an alphabetized directory search by product category. Find exactly what you need quickly and easily.