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IREM Executive Edge Keynote Speaker
Robert Stephens, founder of the Geek Squad took $200, a crazy idea, and made the world of computer support famous. Register today.

New courses in partnership with Rocky Mountain Institute
Enhancing Property Value with Deep Retrofits is the first course in a three-part series. Gain a clear understanding of how sustainability and energy efficiency create value beyond energy cost savings.

Maintenance and Risk Management for the Real Estate Manager
Develop a proactive, sustainable property maintenance and risk management program by learning the specifics of planning, implementing, and monitoring property maintenance operations.


Reduce the Risk of Legionnaires' Disease on Your Properties
Reports of two deaths in the South Bronx due to an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease are a reminder that it’s important for property managers to refresh their knowledge on how to prevent an outbreak and respond if one occurs.

Five Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Curb Appeal and Differentiate Your Property
Property managers know: first impressions matter. To many people, curb appeal is indicative of how a building has been maintained. Here are five design ideas and tips you may not have considered to make your landscaping attract (and keep) renters.

Four Trends in Cell Site Leasing
Nick Foster, President and Founder of Airwave Advisors, explains four cell site leasing trends you should be aware of before negotiating with a cellular carrier for access to your commercial property. Do you know the value of a cell site tenant?

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Site Manager
Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA

Building Maintenance Supervisor
Eyde Company - Ann Arbor, MI

Property Manager - Medical
Farbman Group - Detroit, MI

Assistant Regional Manager
BECO Asset Management, LLC - VA

Portfolio Manager
The Management Group, Inc. (TMGnorthwest) - Vancouver, WA

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IREM Sustainability Program
Powered by Green Per Square Foot
A free platform for you to:

  • Assess your property’s efficiency, improve performance, and increase value
  • Find cash incentives to improve sustainability on your property
  • Measure your utility usage against benchmarks
  • Connect with qualified solutions providers
  • Be indispensible to your owner and employer

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