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New courses in partnership with Rocky Mountain Institute
Enhancing Property Value with Deep Retrofits is the first course in a three-part series. Gain a clear understanding of how sustainability and energy efficiency create value beyond energy cost savings.

Submit by July 1 for the REME Awards
Nominate yourself, your company, or a deserving colleague for the Real Estate Management Excellence Awards, honoring innovation, industry leadership, and success.

Industry Leaders Speak Out
Michael McKee, Chief Executive Officer of Bentall Kennedy US and Joe Stettinius, DTZ Chief Executive, Americas offer unique insight on a wide range of industry topics.

Maintenance and Risk Management for the Real Estate Manager
Develop a proactive, sustainable property maintenance and risk management program by learning the specifics of planning, implementing, and monitoring property maintenance operations.


The Strong Case for Deep Energy Retrofit Investments
Historically, investment in deep energy retrofits has been limited in large part by an insufficiently compelling business case. Real estate investors generally neglect the value beyond energy cost savings when they prepare and present capital requests for deep retrofits. The result: undervaluation of deep retrofit opportunities.

Droning On
Would you use drones as a property manager for marketing, property inspections, or security purposes? We asked readers about their thoughts on drones in our latest Real Estate Management News Quickpoll.

IREM Government Affairs Media Clips for June 26, 2015
With the Supreme Court ruling on a number of cases, this was an eventful week! Of course, the important case for us was Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, which involves the application of the disparate impact theory for Fair Housing claims.

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IREM Sustainability Program
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A free platform for you to:

  • Assess your property’s efficiency, improve performance, and increase value
  • Find cash incentives to improve sustainability on your property
  • Measure your utility usage against benchmarks
  • Connect with qualified solutions providers
  • Be indispensible to your owner and employer

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