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As the industry’s premiere institute, IREM has everything you need to start and grow a successful career in property management or asset management. Watch our video for a quick introduction, then select the information below that best suits you.

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Considering a Career?

For students, grads and anyone else considering a career in property or asset management

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Starting your career?

For professionals looking to learn more about the ins and outs of real estate management

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Considering a Career?

“What would a career in property management look like?”
Read our booklet Careers in Real Estate Management for a quick overview of the many different career paths and opportunities open to you in property and asset management.

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“How much can I earn as a real estate property manager?”
Read the latest IREM compensation tables, for a real-world picture of exactly how much you can make managing different types of properties in various roles, at different experience levels.

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“Where can I go to school for property management?”
A variety of leading colleges offer an undergraduate and graduate degree in property management and real estate management, using IREM textbooks to teach their courses. Those courses and degrees may apply to qualifying for a CPM or other certifications.

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“Should I join IREM as a student?
Yes, you can and should start leveraging connections with the 18,000 leaders who belong to IREM – and you should do it right now, while you’re still in school. You’ll improve your learning, networking, internship opportunities and eventual job search. Best of all, membership is free while you're in school.

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Starting your career?

“Who can I work for as a property manager?”
You’ll be employed by real estate owners, either directly or via a management company. But the types of employer can make a big difference in the nature of the work.

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“What different property management positions are available?”
You’ve got your foot in the industry door – but where can you go for a next step? Our overview of management and staff positions spells out the different roles and responsibilities.

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“What types of properties can I manage?”
Discover the many different types of residential and commercial properties you can manage…and what it takes succeed in them.

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“What property management jobs are open now?”
The IREM job board is the best place to start your job search.

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Taking the next step?

When should I get a property management certification?
Each IREM certification requires qualifying real estate management experience, but you can join IREM now and start taking courses that can be applied toward certification later.

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How do I stay on top of the latest property management trends?
IREM offers unmatched learning and property management training opportunities via courses, publications, tools and research reports.

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View Skills On-demand courses and webinars on skill building topics and emerging trends

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