Certified Property Manager (CPM)

Where will you go as an IREM® CPM®? Anywhere you want.

Owners, investors, and employers know that if you hold an IREM Certified Property Manager® designation, you have the knowledge to maximize the value of any property, in any asset class. The result? CPMs have the potential to make over 2x more than the average property manager salary in the U.S. 1,2 As a CPM, you’ll know more, do more, and earn more, anywhere you manage.

What’s a CPM designation worth?

  • 144% greater earnings1,2
  • Higher-level positions3
  • Improved confidence
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Benefits of a CPM designation

  • Make more money. The average base property manager salary in the U.S. is $48,340.2 For CPMs, the average is $118,383.1
  • Go farther in your career. Over half of CPMs hold senior-level management positions.3
  • Expand your network. Generate business referrals. Meet future employees or employers. And consult with other experts.
  • Your annual IREM membership and all the benefits that come with it are included when you enroll.
  • Showcase your credibility with a digital badge to add to your email, social media profiles, website, and more.

Who should enroll?

  • Experienced property managers* who manage any asset class and want to learn how to maximize the value of their properties.
  • Those who want to add advanced financial and asset management capabilities to their day-to-day operational abilities.
  • Those who need knowledge that transcends asset class and serves their entire portfolio – whether commercial, residential, and/or mixed-use.
  • Those needing to learn how to speak the languages of owners, tenants, residents, and investors.
  • Real estate managers from anywhere, including those outside
    the U.S. Learn moreabout international membership 

* A total of three years (36 months) of experience is needed to earn the CPM. Your experience for any given month qualifies if, during that month, you were in a real estate management position, managed a minimum portfolio, and performed a minimum number of functions.




Wondering if the CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation is for you? We explain the qualifications, experience, and process around earning property management’s premier certification. Watch this video to learn whether the CPM is the right step for your career!

The Process: Four Steps to Your CPM*

Learn more about earning the CPM, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process.

Certified property manager (CPM) Apply for CPM

1. Enroll

Overview: Just complete your short enrollment form online to get started today.
Time: 10 minutes

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Certified Property Manager (CPM) courses

2. Learn

Overview: Complete the 8 CPM certification courses that provide core competency knowledge.
Time: 12-18 months

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Certified property manager (CPM) test

3. Test

Overview: Demonstrate your knowledge with the CPM Capstone, a two-part final assessment that includes a Management Plan Skills Assessment and the CPM Certification Exam.
Time: 3 days - 1 month

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4. Graduate

Overview: Complete your candidate file by satisfying specific graduation requirements, then receive official approval as a CPM.
Time: 1-2 months

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*All steps are generalized. See step details for complete information. See step details for complete information. Dues and fees are non-refundable.

Top certification.
Top position.

CPMs enjoy average base compensation that’s $70,000 more than the average property manager. And over half of CPMs hold management-level positions.1,2,3 What are you waiting for?

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“Since earning my CPM, I’ve continued to advance my career and increase my earning potential. Today, I’m CEO of my corporation solely due to my IREM relationships.”

“Having my CPM has given me more confidence overall. Since obtaining my CPM, I’ve been able to participate in conversations with brokers and owners on a different level.”

“Being a CPM has given me a competitive advantage because it sets me apart from many professionals within the industry.”

“The CPM designation has helped increase my salary, however, its value goes beyond that. The designation proves my commitment to education and to always be at the top of my field.”

“The competence, knowledge, experience, focus, and strong moral compass associated with the CPM is recognized around the world.”

Everything about earning the CPM, all in one place

The CPM Handbook guides you through the process of earning the CPM, from enrolling to graduating.

More individual certifications

Just getting started in your career? Only IREM offers property management certifications for multiple asset classes or parts of your portfolio.

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Certified commercial properties

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Not ready to become certified yet? Become an IREM Associate member.

1IREM Profile and Compensation Study – CPM Edition 2019
2U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
3IREM Profile and Compensation Study – CPM edition: a self-reported 53% of CPMs hold Officer/Director/VP, Regional/District Manager, Owner/Partner, President/CEO/COO positions.

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