Student membership

Get a head start on your career while you’re still in school, for free.

Picture yourself – still in college – meeting industry leaders. Accessing a targeted job board. And tapping into the kind of knowledge and network that can give you a big head start on your career in real estate management. That’s just part of what it looks like to be a Student Member of IREM®, the Institute of Real Estate Management.

* In order to be eligible for IREM student membership, individuals must be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university.

Membership benefits

Property manager association for students

Who should join?

Student Membership’s a must for:

  • College students exploring a career in real estate management
  • Grad students wanting to access the most recent industry research
Classroom - property manager association for students

Top ways to maximize your membership

Use the Career Development Center for career advice.

Meet future employers at local IREM Chapter events and national conferences.

Get the Careers in Real Estate Management Guidebook, an IREM exclusive.

Attend your IREM chapter and start forming the professional relationships that will help shape your career.

Access the latest research and whitepapers to bring professional insights to your school research and reports.

Connect with an international community of real estate managers, and start building your professional network now.

Discover all the benefits of Student membership

What students say about IREM

“Being an IREM student member has given me the opportunity to learn about all of the career opportunities within real estate and network with property management companies.”

“I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend four IREM conferences as a student. Having a supportive network has been a driving force in furthering my education. Every IREM Global Summit makes me feel even more a part of the IREM family.”

“IREM provides a tremendous networking opportunity to students and is a brilliant source for personal and professional support. Student involvement in IREM is crucial to long term success in property management.”

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