90th Anniversary

IREM® celebrates 90 years of making a difference

Ninety years ago, the National Association of Real Estate Boards (NAREB)—known today as the National Association of REALTORS®—recognized the need for greater specialization in the real estate industry. The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) was founded to promote ethical practices in real estate management, to foster education, and to encourage members to share their experiences.

From that day forward, IREM has grown to serve as the world’s strongest voice for all things real estate management. Today, almost 20,000 leaders in commercial and residential management call us home for learning, certifications, and networking.

Follow along with us as we celebrate all year long with #IREM90Years


The evolution of IREM

Collage of IREM's old logos


Key moments in IREM history

  • 1930 - 1960

    1933       Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) was founded

    1934      First issue of The Journal of Real Estate Management (now named Journal of Property Management) published

    1935      IREM’s first education course presented in Chicago

                  First IREM Chapter chartered – New Jersey Chapter

    1938      Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation is established

    1945      Accredited Management Organization (AMO) accreditation is launched

    1947      First edition of Principles of Real Estate Management published

    1960      First IREM Canada Chapter is established

  • 1960 - 1990

    1966      JPM begins bi-monthly publication

    1975      Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) certification is established

    1977       IREM Foundation formed

    1983      IREM celebrates 50th Anniversary

                   First Asset Management Symposium held

    1986      Tung Fung of Hong Kong and Liu Thai Ker of Singapore are welcomed as first CPM members outside North America

    1990      IREM releases Before Disaster Strikes: Developing an Emergency Procedures Manual

  • 1990 - Present

    1994      Beverly Roachell inaugurated as Institute’s first female president

    1995      First IREM international chapter established outside of North America

    1997      IREM releases Spotlight on Security for Real Estate Managers

    1999      Michael Simmons inaugurated as Institute’s first black president

                   IREM publishes Real Estate Manager’s Technical Glossary

    2001     First IREM Leadership and Legislative Summit held

    2002     Associate membership category is created      

                   IREM’s courses go online

                   New Preparing for Terrorism book released

    2003     First IREM/CCIM Commercial Real Estate Conference held

                    Glossary of Real Estate Management Terms is first released

                    Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley proclaims June 12 “IREM Day”

                    First IREM Brazil Chapter formed

                    First IREM Japan Chapter opened

                    IREM celebrates 70th Anniversary

    2004     IREM Korea chapter established

    2006     Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM) certification is created

    2015      Real Estate Management Excellence (REME) Awards are formed

                   Certified Sustainable Property (CSP) certification is developed

    2018      IREM South Africa Chapter is founded

    2020     Income/Expense IQ Benchmarks delivered digitally

                   IREM courses and exams are offered virtually

                   First IREM President outside of the U.S. – Cheryl Gray, Canada

    2023     IREM celebrates 90 years

                  First all-female officer team

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The world was very different in 1933, but IREM has always risen to the occasion since its inception. Not only has the Institute endured challenges, but the organization has thrived and is well-positioned to continue doing so into the future.

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