IREM® hosts briefing on Capitol Hill

CHICAGO (July 20, 2023) – IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) hosted a congressional briefing highlighting the impact of sustainability measures and related federal proposals on the real estate industry. The briefing addressed various issues including the current state of sustainability in commercial real estate, the Choice in Affordable Housing Act, and the Respect State Housing Laws Act.

Presenter and IREM Director, Greg Cichy, CPM® and Managing Director, Colliers International, spoke about sustainability and commercial real estate (CRE) post-Covid, property management technology, or Proptech, and the impact of government actions on sustainability measures in commercial real estate operations. He urged staffers to stay informed on CRE-related issues by following IREM news and emphasized the potential for decarbonization to positively impact the industry.

“Implementing sustainable practices not only positively impacts our environment, but also provides benefits to property owners in terms of financial growth, asset valuations, and in operational efficiency and productivity for tenants.”

Melissa Steele, CPM® and CEO, E&G Group, discussed the importance and need for landlords to accept housing choice vouchers, the benefits of the Choice in Affordability Housing Act for landlords and voucher holders, and the impact of funding for landlord liaisons with Public Housing Agencies.

“With landlord participation in HCV programs declining in recent years, the Choice in Affordable Housing Act can help address the housing affordability crisis by increasing the number of available units and relieving the financial burden for many eligible families.”

The Choice in Affordable Housing Act advocates for landlords by incentivizing participation in the Housing Choice Voucher program. This bill authorizes the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide incentive payments to landlords, security deposit payments for renters, and bonuses to public housing agencies that employ landlord liaisons to help ensure renters are aware vouchers are accepted.

Ted Thurn, Senior Director for IREM, presented the Respect State Housing Laws Act, which corrects an error in the CARES Act that should’ve expired – the 30-day notice landlords must provide tenants before they can begin eviction proceedings. This Act would return those laws to the states, where they were before the CARES Act became effective.

“Now that Congress and the President have terminated the federal COVID-19 public health emergency, we urge Congress to end the CARES Act 30-day notice-to-vacate.“

“IREM has been an advocate for real estate and real estate management since inception in 1933,” says 2023 IREM President Renee Savage, CPM®, CCIM. “By advocating for positive change, we’re shaping a thriving real estate landscape that benefits our members, individuals, businesses, and communities.”

IREM is committed to working with legislators on issues most important to the real estate industry.

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