IREM’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

We recognize that everyone in the real estate management profession has a voice and a place within IREM®. We must honor the diversity of our community. It’s our commitment to provide value that makes a difference in the lives of all stakeholders.

Our DEI vision: IREM is committed to fostering a welcoming environment that continues to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’ll be better tomorrow than we are today.

Diversity for us means we embrace our similarities and differences. We welcome a myriad of all races, ages, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, creeds, nationalities, national origins, and individuals with disabilities to our community.

Equity for us means that we acknowledge that everyone starts from a different place. We elevate individuals by continuously being progressive in identifying and removing unintentional barriers that may impede access and success.

Inclusion for us means we will create an environment where individuals in our profession feel valued, respected, supported, and welcome to bring their authentic selves to IREM.

DEI Strategy

IREM’s DEI strategy, adopted in 2021, identifies these priorities, with initiatives and tactics that are near-term and long-term and are enterprise wide:

Work stream

Recognition, action, and outreach

"IREM makes diversity a priority as an organization because it sees the value of bringing in all sorts of ideas, and opinions, and perspectives into real estate. We know that each building's a little different, each market is a little different. And as a result, we need people that think differently and come from different backgrounds and have had different experiences to tackle the idiosyncrasies of our particular properties."

Kasara Smith, CPM®

2020 IREM President Cheryl Gray, CPM® and Jasmyn Sylvester, CPM® discuss the importance of diversity in the real estate industry and property management profession at the 2020 Virtual IREM Summit.

2020 IREM President Cheryl Gray, CPM® and 2020 Virtual IREM Summit keynote speaker John Register chat about how to approach conversations related to diversity, inclusion, and race.


IREM educational content

IREM Articles:

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IREM podcasts: From the Front Lines

  • DEI at IREM with Charles Kellom, Sr. Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at IREM (Spotify, Apple Podcasts)
  • Unconscious Bias in a Pandemic with Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq., MBA and CEO of HR Legally Speaking (SpotifyApple Podcasts)
  • Gender and Diversity in Commercial Real Estate with Wendy Mann, CEO, CREW Network (SpotifyApple Podcasts)

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Social Media

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DEI Advisory Council

Established in 2007, the Diversity Advisory Board, renamed DEI Advisory Council in 2022, works on a national level to support execution of IREM’s DEI strategy, be DEI ambassadors, develop DEI best practices for chapters, and support other IREM governance bodies on their DEI impact.

Applications for the 2023 DEI Advisory Council will re-open in Spring 2023. Visit our Volunteers and Governance page for more information.

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