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At IREM®, volunteers are essential to what we do. For over 90 years, IREM members have made us the world’s strongest voice for all things real estate management. As a member-driven organization, volunteers are central to shaping IREM into the organization it is today. Consider volunteering and connecting with like-minded colleagues who are passionate about your industry. Know that your volunteer experience isn’t going take a linear path; you’re welcome to jump in whenever you can and wherever you’re qualified. Begin exploring the different volunteer opportunities below.

IREM volunteer opportunities

Volunteer opportunitites chart

Important updates about 2025 events

   Participation in IREM governance will look different starting in 2025 as we take a new approach to our events! 

   Starting in 2025, IREM will host two new events: 
  • PropertyCon
    An IREM education experience
    April 23-24, 2025
    Boston, MA

A two-day event of educational programming and networking for members and non-members; no governance meetings. This conference allows us to: 

  • Extend our brand as an educational Institute  
  • Expand our reach to more members and non-members – giving more of what people want 
  • IREM Leadership Forum (replaces IREM Global Summit)

    October in Chicago, a training and governance event that includes: 
    • Chapter training for Chapter Boards and IAEs (similar to current Chapter Leadership Retreat) 
    • Networking and celebrations  
    • Governing Council – will be hybrid, participate in-person or virtually
    • Other governance meetings held in-person: IREM Board of Directors, IREM Foundation Board of Directors, Nominating Committee, RVP Advisory Council 
    • All other committees, advisory councils, and ethics panels will be virtual only throughout the year 

What does this mean for you as you consider volunteering in 2025? 
Our goal is to always enhance member experience and optimize volunteer time. This re-imagined approach allows more flexibility and inclusion for governance participation – helping us to expand our volunteer pool. 

    • Save time and money! If you apply to serve and are appointed for a committee, advisory council, or ethics panel, all your meetings will be virtual only. 
    • If you apply for and are nominated to serve on Governing Council, you can choose to attend in-person or participate virtually. 


Why Volunteer?

Grow personally and professionally:

      1. Enhance your leadership skills
      2. Expand your network
      3. Improve your communications
      4. Increase your self-awareness and confidence
      5. Give back to the profession you enjoy
      6. Impact the future of IREM

    Governing Council


    Learn more about each volunteer position:

    Governing Council

    The Governing Council is IREM’s ultimate decision-making body. Governing Councillors have a strong understanding of local, national, and international issues that need to be brought to the forefront of the IREM agenda. They are knowledgeable about the real estate management industry. And they are knowledgeable about how IREM works – strategically, operationally, and legislatively.

    Learn more about the Governing Council

    IREM Officer

    IREM’s Officers direct the organization’s mission and activities as part of the IREM Board of Directors and with support from the IREM Headquarters team of association management professionals to ensure the organization’s continued growth, development, and progress towards our strategic goals. The President, President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Secretary/Treasurer Nominee, and Immediate Past President serve as the IREM Leadership Team. The first step on the path to becoming the IREM President is the Secretary/Treasurer Nominee position.

    Learn more about IREM Officers

    IREM Board of Directors

    The IREM Board of Directors oversees the strategic direction and governance of the Institute in accordance with the mission and purpose of the Institute and any policies set by the Governing Council. The Board of Directors composition includes the IREM Officers, Immediate Past President, the IREM Foundation President, an IREM representative on NAR’s Executive Committee, twelve (12) Directors, and the IREM CEO. An additional advisor may be appointed by the President to serve a one (1) year term as a non-voting member.

    Learn more about IREM Board of Directors

    Regional Vice Presidents

    IREM’s Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) are connectors of IREM Headquarters and chapters, and among the chapters within their regions. Serving as an ambassador, coach, guide, visionary, and strategic partner, RVPs collaborate with chapters to help them grow and succeed.

    Learn more about RVPs

    IREM standing committees, advisory councils, and ethics panels

    Standing committees develop policies and provide guidance for IREM programs that are focused on the core business functions essential to the Institute. Advisory councils provide guidance, expertise, and advice for IREM programs that are focused on the real estate management profession and serving members. Ethics panels are the enforcement bodies for the IREM Codes of Professional Ethics.

    Learn more about standing committees, advisory councils, and ethics panels

    IREM Foundation Volunteer opportunities

    The IREM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity and was established in 1977. It is supported through donations from IREM members and is led by the IREM Foundation Board of Directors who volunteer their time and expertise to ensure the organization’s success.

    Learn more about the Foundation Board of Directors

    The IREM Foundation approved the creation of an Associate Board to allow new volunteer opportunities for people interested in helping advance the Foundation’s mission. Created in 2023, this dedicated group of volunteers who report to the Foundation’s Executive Committee, support Foundation initiatives with a focus on fundraising and stewardship efforts as they participate in the advancement of the strategic and development goals of the Foundation.

    Learn more about the Associate Board

    Looking for IREM’s governing documents and volunteer resources?

    Visit IREM’s governing documents and resource library for more information

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