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Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Turn to IREM to help them reach their full potential. IREM is the international institute for property and asset managers, providing complete knowledge to take on real estate management’s most dynamic challenges. IREM Corporate Solutions supports property management firms, owners, HR, and talent managers with a customized program that includes cost-effective solutions to keep your team on the cutting edge.  Investing in knowledge solutions for your team means you can attract and retain top talent.

Do you have a group of employees you’d like to help be at the top of their field? Get group discounts for enrolling your team.

AMO Firms are eligible for 30% off non-member rates on all IREM education and training. Let us help you use that discount to your best advantage

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What is IREM Corporate Solutions?

We’re your concierge for all things IREM.
Corporate Solutions is dedicated to meeting your training needs with our existing education offerings or creating customized training for your employees.

Why IREM Corporate Solutions?

To advance your team’s performance.
IREM’s mission advances the profession of real estate management. That means supporting your company and its business goals, starting with your team. Think of us as your talent development go-to resource.


Who is IREM Corporate Solutions for?

Everyone you want to be at the top of their game.
Teams who manage relationships with residents, occupants, contractors, and owners. Those responsible for budgeting and reporting. Maintenance and risk management. Leasing and legal issues. Early career, mid-career, and advanced property management staff.

How does it work?

It’s easy. Comprehensive. And growth-focused.
We make it easy for owners, HR, and talent managers to invest in, develop, and retain your team. We ask and listen to what you’re trying to accomplish, build a straightforward quote, and take care of all staff registrations in IREM’s programs.


Which IREM programs will benefit your team the most?

The more you enroll, the bigger the savings! IREM Corporate Solutions will create a customized plan for your team including discounts for groups of your employees for the following programs:


Property management certifications prove your team has the advanced skills and experience needed to improve property performance—financially and operationally. IREM helps your team complete the education they need to earn the ACoM®, ARM®, or CPM® certifications.

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Skill Badges

Courses on individual, specialized skills for property managers and your team. Skill Badges are self-paced, online and can be earned in as little as 4-6 hours, without the rigor and cost of a certification.
$29-$99 / Skill Badge.

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We offer three options. Get unlimited access to IREM’s 250+ Skills On-demand courses subscription. 100+ live webinars subscription. Or get both with an IREM combo subscription. Learn from the leading experts in real estate management. Starting as low as $199/year.

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Skills On-demand

Help your team stay on top of industry best practices and trending topics with more than 250 Skills-On-demand courses. 

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With over 100+ live IREM webinars, your team can learn new skills and stay on top of emerging trends from the leading experts in real estate management.

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Property Management 360

Join us at Property Management 360 for the best virtual online, year-end event for early career property managers, employers, Associate members, and more. Starting at $59.

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Develop your team with IREM Corporate Solutions — Easy as 1-2-3

1) Determine how many employees or staff you want to enroll.

2) Identify which programs would be best for which staff.

3) Contact IREM corporate solutions for custom pricing or programming for you.

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